Saturday, January 31, 2015

Guest blog by David Turner: praying for Alan

I usually edit guest posts a bit, but this email was both timely and heartfelt and I've decided to use it just as David wrote it. This is an empassioned call to prayer for the healing of one of the dearest men I have ever known, Congressman Alan Nunnelee. (David is using The Waiting as a prayer guide, but you do not need my book to pray. Just talk to our Heavenly Father.) Please join us in praying that God would grant a miracle to Alan and his family, that His peace would fill them no matter what they face, and that God would be glorified in it all. Thank you, dear pray-ers.
The news I received today concerning Alan Nunnelee is certainly not good news. If anything, it is most tragic. I thought about issuing a call to prayer on his behalf and even considered asking that the sanctuary at Calvary be made available for those who would like to come and pray for Alan. I also am reminded that there might be some that would say that I am doing this for recognition, and I want to avoid this at all costs.
I immediately thought about your book titled “The Waiting” and about the central player in the book. What I have decided is most important to me since you have given me the inspiration. No one will ever know, except you, of course, that I have beginning a persistent season of prayer on Alan’s behalf using your book as a guide or blueprint.
Jairus was insistent, despite his place of prominence in the religious culture of the day, that Jesus come to his house and heal his daughter. The doctors had no doubt said that she was going to die and it was out of their hands. Basically the same thing has been said of Alan by his doctors. The verdict is that his cancer can no longer be treated. In other words, he is going to die.
Having read your book I have become much more acquainted with Jairus. When I think of Jairus and his wife, I immediately get a mental picture of Pat and Sandra. Just as Jairus and his wife were heartbroken and grief stricken about their daughter’s condition, Pat and Sandra, and I must include Tori and the rest of the family as well, are equally heartbroken and grief stricken.
My prayer will basically be the same prayer that Jairus was praying in his heart. Jairus was not ashamed to be seen with Jesus… be heard asking for His help… be seen with Jesus in his house while his daughter lie dead in another room. He just knew that the answer was in Jesus. I am not ashamed to be on my knees in prayer for Alan. No one, other than you, will ever know, except Jesus. Pray with me that Alan’s cancer will be removed from his body and that his health and well-being will be restored.
Now, after having said all this, I hope I have planted a seed in your mind, and that you think this would be a worthy undertaking. If so, I hope you will consider taking the lead in this and hopefully making this a reality. Alan not only represents the membership of Calvary, he represents the people of his district in North Mississippi, and I am almost sure that many, many people would be a part of this undertaking. It would be a statement to the Nunnelee family, as well.

Your devoted friend at Calvary, 
David Turner