Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Finding Christmas: The Storm Shelter

Like most people around here, the warm weather in December has concerned me. It's a precursor of bad weather, and I've dreaded what was to come. I listened to the weather report yesterday with growing concern. 

Storms are predicted for today. The possibility of tornadoes in our area is 70%. Twenty years ago, I'd have heard that figure and interpreted it to mean it's a 30% chance of no tornadoes. That was before I saw the destruction Hurricane Katrina caused. Before I survived the Tupelo tornado of 2014. Before I volunteered in the recovery effort in Louisville and in Tupelo. 

Storms come, and they can leave incredible destruction in their wake.

We know that now, and people in our area have already begun to take precautions. They've located storm shelters. Gathered food and supplies. Just in case.

Storms can come in life, too. You've probably experienced those, just as I have. 

Those terrible trials can leave incredible destruction in their wake. They leave us longing for a life-storm shelter to protect us and those we love.

Isaiah wrote of a shelter that never fails.

A King will come, he wrote. One who will reign righteously. His princes will rule justly. 

And each will be like a refuge from the wind,
And a shelter from the storm...
Isaiah 32:2 nasb

We have a shelter that never fails. A refuge from the wind. Protection from the storms of life. King Jesus rules and reigns with righteousness. His name is a strong tower and we can run to it. No matter the storm we face. Illness? Betrayal? Heartbreak? Death? He can shelter us and carry us through.

Isaiah was right. Our good and righteous king, Jesus, did come. As we approach Christmas, and the celebration of our Savior's birth, let's remember that the Baby in the Manger is also our Righteous King and He, alone, is our refuge and shelter.

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