Monday, December 5, 2016

The Heart of Christmas: The Costly Cornerstone

God's people had continued in a form of religion, but, for most of Isaiah's lifetime, they mingled the worship of idols in with it. In a way, they hedged their bets, worshipping every possible god, in a vain hope to gather the best blessings.

Their idolatry had built a foundation of lies and deception, but it was a shaky, impure foundation that wouldn't hold when the storms of life came their way. 

God spoke through Isaiah. He would lay a foundation that was so solid it would not be shaken. His cornerstone would be tested, with no fault lines in it. A stone that would never crumble or give way. 

He would make justice the measuring line and righteousness the level. They would be the tools by which the builders assured their work was square and solid.

The Cornerstone, of course, is Jesus.

The one who builds his life on faith in Christ, with justice and righteousness as the tools by which decisions are made, "will never be disturbed". 

The word used here literally means, "will never hurry" and suggests the idea of "rushing to safety". 

When our foundation is set on Christ, there's no fear of the future, and no need to rush anywhere else for our safety. 

The photo, above, shows the stones in the Western Wall tunnel of Solomon's temple that made up the back wall of the Holy of Holies. These stones are taller than my head. They're solid and have remained in place for centuries. 

The cornerstone of God would be more secure than those gigantic stones.

And He is.

Our security is not in big retirement funds or lands or houses. It's not in might or wisdom. Our security is in Christ alone. Our cornerstone.

When we anchor our lives on Jesus, they are solid. Secure. Crumble-free.

In the midst of the advent season, let's pause to examine our own hearts. Are we set on Jesus alone or have we incorporated the world's gods, too? Have we mingled false idols into our worship or do we have a pure, Christ-alone faith?

Is our life anchored on our Cornerstone? 

Today, let's tear down the high places in our lives and relinquish the ways of the world. Let's use justice and righteousness as our measure. Let's build on Christ alone. Our cornerstone.

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