Friday, December 16, 2016

The Heart of Christmas: The Stealth-Bomber Savior

One of my favorite word-pictures is of God rolling up His sleeves and wading into the fray to bring redemption. There are two passages in Isaiah that speak of this kind of "rolling up the sleeves and getting to work" intervention of God.

"The Lord has bared His holy arm 
in the sight of all the nations,
that all the ends of the earth may see
the salvation of our God." 
Isaiah 52:10

"Now the Lord saw, 
and it was displeasing in His sight
that there was no justice...
Then His own arm brought salvation to Him;
And His righteousness upheld Him."
Isaiah 59:15-16

God has not overlooked any of the injustice of this world. He has seen every unkind deed, every evil act, heard every impure thought, every wrongly spoken word. 

He knows.

And He has moved. He rolled up His heavenly sleeves, bared His divine arm, and waded in to bring salvation. 

When I think of someone wading into the fray in such a manner, I think of a free-for-all fist fight that ends up with blood on the floor and a roomful of demolished furniture.

Not so with this divine intervention.

The salvation God's bared arm brought was Jesus.

Imagine that. The battle-plan of God was a baby in a manger. A heavenly stealth-plane kind of Savior who was so insignificant-looking that the hardest heart among us could see the child and feel safe. 

Hard hearts aren't safe in the presence of Jesus, though. He comes wearing righteousness and salvation, wrapped in zeal, equipped to change the heart of stone for a heart of flesh.

That's the Savior we celebrate this Christmas season.

So let us offer all the hardness in our hearts to the lowly gentle One who can melt the stoniest places and fill us with the righteousness of God and the softness of a babe.

Let us make room in our hearts for the Christ child and allow Him to do His best work in us. 

Bare your arms, Lord, and wade into our hearts today.
p.s - the photo above is the only one I could find of bared arms...
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