Thursday, October 10, 2013

Simple pleasures

Maggie the Wonder Dog had a grand time at play day today! I could tell because, when I picked her up, she hurried to the car, jumped in the passenger's seat, and immediately went to sleep. She slept soundly for the entire twenty minute ride home.

Just as I turned in to the driveway, I began to let the window down to get the mail. That was the wake-up sound she needed.  She was in my lap like a shot and straining to stick her head out the window.  Maggie LOVES for me to drive fast down the driveway (20 mph) while she hangs her head out.  She has no fear because she knows I will hold her tight. The wind blowing over her is pure delight.  With her hair plastered to her head and her ears blown straight back like a pair of furry black kites, she is in "hog heaven".  Well, at least in doggy heaven-on-earth.  The fact that she looks ridiculous does not bother her a bit.  Maggie is 100% utterly abandoned to the pleasure of the moment.

Her joy in the wind is such fun to watch, partly because I rarely enjoy anything with the same degree of utter abandon.  No holding back, total disregard for appearance.  It is such a simple pleasure.  All she wants is for the wind to blow in her face.  She doesn't require special equipment, a special outfit, a perfect setting.

What fun it would be to indulge in a few simple pleasures of our own, like we did as children!  Splash in mud puddles, walk in the rain, take a hike in the woods and look for nature treasures.  Your list is likely longer than mine.

This weekend, take a few minutes for fun... The simple pleasure that is spontaneous and silly and to which you can utterly abandon yourself for a few minutes.  Forget about looking ridiculous.  Rest in the confidence that your Heavenly Father is holding you tight and will not let you go, no matter how silly you look. Go ahead.  Act like a kid. Take a break just to enjoy a simple pleasure. You may be surprised how much younger it makes you feel.