Saturday, May 6, 2017

When the Body of Christ Works Together and Has Fun Doing It

I'm not much on "titles," but when Steadman Harrison, our CEO/Mission Director, gave me the title of Director of Intercessory Prayer and Outreach, it was a wise move.

Why? I needed the Outreach part to survive the Prayer part.

Unless you've done the work of intercessory prayer for an extended period, you might not know this surprising fact: It's harder work than being a physician.

You can still practice medicine when you're grumpy or tired or have a little sin you secretly enjoy. Not so with prayer ministry. 

A little unforgiveness won't stop you from treating a patient, but it will knock you out completely for the work of intercession. A little anger, bitterness, covetousness, or lust are not barriers to effective management of diabetes or hypertension, but they will stone-wall effective prayer. 

It's not just repentance-requiring work, it's emotionally exhausting to labor over some of the toughest needs in our world on a non-stop basis. Intercession is a lifestyle that persists around the clock, and it can easily wear you out. 

Doing outreach is a welcome break.

One of the projects I've worked on privately for the last several months is the Personal Care Pack Project. When I led a prayer retreat a few months ago, I asked the participants to bring supplies for the packs to use with the homeless. The idea was that the Sisters of Strength, a group of Christ-disciples with whom I do life, would exchange the packs for an opportunity to share the gospel when they do mission. 

Over time, I've realized that our short-term mission teams could use the packs in the same way. They'd be helpful for 8 Days of Hope to hand out when people use their shower trailer or for Salvation Army when they open up the showers on Saturday. 

There are lots of places these packs can be used, but they're only helpful if we have them on hand when we need them, not after we wish we'd had them.

I'm asking the body of Christ in our area to work together with me on this project. If we all do a little, we can accomplish more than we can imagine. Here's what I'm asking us to do... collect hotel-sized soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. We'll add it all together and use it to make packs.

No one person needs to do everything. Just do what you can. Do what God puts in your heart. Consider recruiting your small group or church to join in the effort. 

There's no fun in working alone, so let's have a party with a purpose. Join me in a few weeks at the Global Outreach office for pizza and stuffing packs. One Saturday in late June, we'll take time to put it all together. 

This project only works if we get started now.

I'd like for us to assemble five hundred packs. That's not too hard, is it? 

We're currently collecting the following items: (You can bring them to the Global Outreach Home Office or contact our office and we will arrange for pickup) 
74 Kings Highway, Pontotoc MS 38863 or call: 6620842-4615 and ask for Christian Putt 

Even better, just bring your collected items when you come to the Party With a Purpose!

Suggested items include: 
  1. hotel-sized soap
  2. hotel-sized shampoo
  3. tooth brush
  4. small tube of tooth paste
  5. small pack of band-aids
  6. comb
  7. “hot hands” packets of hand warmers during cold weather
  8. knit gloves that stretch to fit all sizes during cold weather
  9. knit caps
  10. deodorant
  11. potted meat, etc. if you can find some with pull tab openings
  12. crackers (small packs)
  13. any snack they can just open and have on hand (protein bars, etc)
  14. socks (clean socks are a big need)
Street folks can’t handle full-sized items because they normally carry ALL their belongings in a backpack. Our goal is to fill either a gallon-sized bag or a quart-sized bag for each person.

If we all work together, we can make a difference for the kingdom of God that has an eternal impact. Along the way, the body of Christ will work the way Christ intended, and we'll have fun doing it. You never know... God might just do something IN us while He does something THROUGH us. (I think He will.)

If you want in on the fun of mission and the fun of the body of Christ, why not join in this project? It's easy and it's a great way to make a difference. Comment below or message me if you want to be part. Of course, you can also just show up when the party day is announced.)

"When you have done it for the least of these my brethren, you have done it for Me..." Jesus (Matthew 25:40)  
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Friday, May 5, 2017

Guest Blogger Sem Beasnael: Amazing Tales of the Thompson Bible

(NOTE: The Beasnaels work and teach at the only Christian institute of higher learning serving French-speaking Central Africa. He teaches with the Thompson Study Bible because it provides the pastors both a Bible of their own and excellent study aids.)

The Thompson Bible Institute President, Dr. John Jauchen might have received a special revelation on the way pastors in the World are hungry for the Word of God, and especially the one printed in the Thompson Bible. Otherwise, he could not have launched the Thompson Bible Institute.
Pastor Chuck Ballard, the President of African Pastoral Training Ministries (APT Ministries) has been touched by the Holy Spirit to rush to Africa even though the tools are still being gathered for the Mission. 
Happy is the man who listens to the Holy Spirit.
When late Pastor Nicolas and myself finished the Thompson Study Bible training in Brazzaville (Congo), the need for both Thompson Bible and more training seminars was raised to a higher degree. 
The call for more workshops in French speaking Africa is overwhelmingly great. Everywhere we went we were faced with requests to bring the workshop to yet another location.  
After the last time training, we have more than 12 solid requests for the workshop, here in Chad alone. The workshops are limited to 120 pastors and church workers. 
That means that right now, without any more invitations, we can have an impact on more than 1200 pastors and church leaders. 
How can we quench such ongoing thirst for more Bibles ?
However, the need in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in general and in Kinshasa the capital city in particular are frightening. 
After the first day of training, the leaders of the Church of Christ in Congo (CCC) asked us to study the ways and means to come back to Kinshasa within the year. They then carry on with the following frightening tales.
Last year, one Swiss Missionary came to Kinshasa (DRC) with 800 Bibles to give out to Pastors for their use. The day he got out at the church to distribute those Thompson Bibles, 5.000 pastors showed up, invading all the surroundings of the Church. Some came from the heart of the city, others from its outskirts and also from the rural areas and the other parts of country. 
When the first 800 pastors got all the Bibles, the disappointed 4,200 pastors fell on the fellow Swiss Missionary and wanted to have a soothing explanation for the lack of the Bible. His hosting pastors rushed at his cries for help, to protect him and hastily pushed him in the car and took him back to his residence. 
Thompson Bibles cost US $80.00 in DRC. But when the Bible alliance noticed that growing need, it reduced the cost to US $60.00 per Bible. Yet there is no Bible to have.
The Pastors coming from the rural areas explained that having just a Bible to work with is a luxury that is not available to anybody. Some of them they say took one Bible and torn it up and shared the books within that Bible; thus some take the gospel of John, others take Luke, and others take Matthew. 
Those who have no Bible use the Devotional books to preach their message with it on Sundays. Those who cannot get anything travelled to their colleagues in the neighboring villages to copy parts of the scripture on which they want to preach on.
One Pastor told us that he went to the Bible Alliance to purchase two Boxes of twenty Bibles each, but he was told that the Alliance could not afford to lose both boxes at the same time, so the pastor was allowed to buy one box only because of the scarcity of the needed Bibles.
Often, after the first day training, people who have heard about the training going on continue to come as we left the place. In such situation, one cannot afford to come late. But some Pastors came late to the training, so we replaced them with those who were waiting at the back seats. When the late comers arrived, they were returned their financial contribution. Their dissatisfaction could not be described. The hunger for the Thompson Bible goes beyond expectation. 
Some of the Participants asked us to open a Thompson Bible Institute in Kinshasa with a permanent representation on the spot. I provided them with President Chuck’s address and asked them to get in touch with him for necessary action. In fact, people who took part in the training are by far very happy. They seem to be the luckier ones when one considers how hungry the country is for Thompson Bible. 
When we asked them to tell us why the Thompson Bible and not any other Bible? The reply is immediate. The Thompson Bible is not just another Bible. It is a comprehensive tool made for rural pastors and the city ones who cannot afford to travel abroad. 
Kindly pray for Chad, the two Congos as they are crying for more Bibles and especially for Thompson Bible. 

Sem & Eunice Beasnael
Here's the link for Sem and Eunice's Global Outreach page. (There's a link to help provide Bibles for the pastors in Chad. You can also send them a message or word of encouragement) BEASANEL'S 
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Guest Blogger Niki Chiles: Feeding Appetites but Missing Opportunities

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.  I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus”  Phil. 3:13 NIV

From Genesis 25 

It was done, full belly after a long day or days hunting for the family, the soup was good but it wasn’t great…however it satisfied the current need.  Why did my brother have to press so hard to share the soup?  Lentils & tomatoes, really?!  Certainly he didn’t take seriously my offer to give him my birthrights.  Its just like him, he always hangs out at home while I’m out trying to get food and provide.  Doesn’t he do anything?  Obviously he’s mom’s favorite.

At that very moment, our legacy was re-written…over a bowl of soup.  Esau gave up his birthright for his hunger.  We don’t think much about birthrights as in this time.  Esau gave up his right to:  twice the inheritance, leadership over his family, and the spiritual leadership (priest hood).  History, as we know it, is written as “…Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, not “…Abraham, Isaac, and Esau”.  (Ex. 3:6, as example).

As we read further in Genesis 27, we also see that Esau loses his blessing.  Yes, although through deceit, he lost his father’s blessing.  He was anguished, bitter in fact.  I mean wouldn’t you be too?!?  

In today’s cultural justice system, his bitterness, vengeance, would not only be accepted, it would also be encouraged or plastered across some reality TV show.  Esau probably would be a modern day reality TV star being worshipped by our culture.  Before we go too far, let’s do a self-check…how am I giving up my inheritance or my blessing because of my appetite?

In Colossians, we see Jesus’ birthright.  He is the first born of God.  For those who have surrendered your life to Christ, this means:  He is our priest, He is over our family, He is our spiritual leader, He has received a double-portion of inheritance (1:15).  

When I feed one of my appetites, such as:  greed, pride, or status, I may miss my blessing that God has in store for me.  Blessings like: an opportunity to join Him in His kingdom work, intimacy with Him, or simplicity in life by resting in His provisions.

Pray with me:  Gracious Father, I am thankful that you provide wisdom through Your Word…it always cuts to the heart of the matter.  You are my sustainer, my healer, and my redeemer.  All joy, love, and anything righteous in me only comes through You.  I want more of You and less of me.  Use the silence of today to speak to me where I may overlook behaviors or appetites that pull me away from You.  Forgive me for where I chose empty joy of temptations over a life-giving joy.  Give me the strength to press on toward Jesus.  Its in His precious name I pray, Amen.

By Niki Chiles, guest blogger
Niki is an amazing disciple of Christ, wife to Chris, and home schooling mother. She's a gifted administrator and a tireless worker in the cause of Christ. 
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Coughing My Way Closer to Christ

I've coughed so long that I can't think of anything to write about except coughing. Not exactly a godly topic, I know, but that's where I am.

I typed half a page and deleted it, tried again, deleted it. That went on for several times. Finally, I decided to try some alliteration, a literary technique I dearly love, to come up with a topic.

Coughing starts with a C. I needed some more C words, but all I could think of was Christ. Coughing for Christ. Nope. Coughing and Christ. Nope. 

Coughing my way to Christ. It seemed a ridiculous title for a blog post, but I was ready to try anything. 

As it turns out, my coughing did drive me closer to Christ. In desperation, I've prayed my heart out about my illness. In a deeper way, it drove me to Jesus during my quiet time, too.

I'm working through a book by Lorraine Hill, Deepening Your Worship. This week, the topic is being a living sacrifice. Yesterday, the title of our lesson was "Presenting Our Bodies." I read that title and laughed. My body doesn't seem very presentable right now. 

As I studied the Scriptures and answered the questions, one thing became very clear. I haven't been taking good care of my body, and that's part of why it's not working well now. 

I've told myself that I eat right, exercise, and avoid all those things I shouldn't do. That's true. Most of the time. 

For the last eight months, though, I haven't eaten right, exercised, or rested, at last not consistently. The pounds I've gained are evidence of that. The most health-conscious actions I've taken are to take vitamins and avoid things I shouldn't do. 

Instead, I've worked hard at the work of missions. Of course, that's what you do when you start a new life. You try to get it up and running. 

There's a time-constraint, too. I have a certain period of time to get my ministry going and funded. It's going, but not yet fully funded. I can hear the clock ticking, so I've tried to work hard, then harder. Be more productive. Be tireless.

You probably already know this, but that's not exactly a Christ-centered methodology. I'm not racing a clock for funding. I'm depending on the Lord Jesus Christ, king of the universe, to supply my needs by prompting His people to give. Duh. He's never failed me yet. 

If I'm dependent upon Him, I'm not really dependent upon my ability to work around the clock. 

I haven't said I was depending on me, not even to myself, but I've wanted to be sure those who partner with me financially feel like I'm doing my part. I don't want them to wonder where their money went.

According to Romans 12:1, the way to truly worship God is to give Him my body as a living sacrifice. In an odd way, I thought that's what I was doing. Maybe it wasn't. Maybe fear has driven me right into a kind of physical near-collapse.

Of course it might be overreacting to a tough virus, but I believe there's some truth in all my rambling.

If we want to truly worship God, we'll present our bodies to Him as living sacrifices. If we present our bodies, we want them to be well maintained. We sure don't want to offer God a battered, poorly cared-for bag of fat and bones. Do we? 

I'm not recommending Twiggy-slim bodies or surgically sculptured faces or figures. I'm advocating for sensible, healthy choices on a regular basis. I'm talking to myself first and foremost, but we could probably all use the reminder.

Perhaps part of being a living sacrifice includes sacrificing our desire for an easy (sedentary) lifestyle, dessert, fried food, and fast food. Perhaps being a living sacrifice means we choose regular exercise, a healthy, mostly-plant-based diet, and rest, because those are the choices that best maintain the bodies God has given us. 


I have some work to do. 

If I'm ever going to do it, I have to start now. While I'm coughing. And I have. I've rested. I've begun to adjust my diet. I'm lengthening my sleep. When I can breath again, I'll resume exercising. 

If we're going to do this work of offering a living sacrifice of our bodies, perhaps we all have some work to do. Take a moment to ask our Lord what changes He'd like to see in your lifestyle. 

Our goal should be to maintain the bodies God has given us to the best of our abilities. What changes do we need to make to accomplish that goal? Why not get started today?

"Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God - this is your true and proper worship." Romans 12:1 niv

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Are We Petrified of the Petrifying Process?

I have become a Grandmother to five in two years. Just like that, I’m a member of a subculture old enough to see their own birth their own.  

No words can describe the overwhelming feelings of love that rose up inside of me when I saw my sons holding their very own children. But with the privilege of sharing in the lives of these most precious ones comes the realization that time is moving on, and the ride is getting faster and faster.   

Our culture constantly doles out advice on how to stay younger-looking; how to defy the inevitable, and we so often buy in. We’re provided with substances for eyes, chins, hands, elbows, feet, that will take off years.  

Are we totally petrified of the petrifying process?  

Yes, I’m shocked as I glance at the keyboard and see my mom’s brown-spotted hands with a little arthritis curving the fingers.  When I’ve spent time on the floor playing with my grandson and it takes me a minute to stand and stretch out the knee.  Even though the ride is going faster, the passenger is slowing down!   

So, how do I finish the ride?  

Do I slam on the brakes forcefully, fighting all the way?  Do I jump ship?  Do I throw it in reverse and try to turn back the hands of time?  Do I stare at the in-flight movie, slipping into a mindless haze?   Or do I embrace the years God has given me, recognize and accept the differences in being 30 and 60, and look forward, with great anticipation, to the rest of the journey with Him leading me every step of the way?

The Scriptures aren’t silent on this aging process.  

Psalm 71:18 states “Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your mighty acts to all who are to come.”  

With this plea for God to be with me, to favor and uphold me comes a challenge – to declare His works to the next generation!  

My work is not done.  I have news to share.  

As long as I am breathing, my life is to exude the power and mighty acts of God to anyone who is paying attention.  It may be in the singing of “Jesus Loves Me” to the tiniest grandchild; in teaching Bible stories to four-year-olds in my Sunday School class; in traveling the globe to serve and share Christ as He gives me the opportunity; to fervently pray for the harvest of seeds planted by countless missionaries.

I have no idea how this ride will turn out, how far the distance will be, how bumpy the road may get or how high the waves may rise.  But I do know that as long as this heart is beating, my desire is to seek and to serve the One who handed me the ticket with His nail-scarred hand; the ticket stamped “Grace.”

May we all finish strong for His glory.

By Guest Blogger Elizabeth Rhea 


Elizabeth Rhea is a dear friend, lover of all, kind beyond words, and looks as much like Jesus as anyone I know. Her words are only a tiny portion of her beautiful heart and life. Be sure to share some encouragement with her. It's her first guest blog, but I'm hoping it won't be her last. LLH
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In case you missed yesterday's post, here's the link:When Forgiveness Equal Forgetting, Restoration Can Come 

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Monday, May 1, 2017

When Forgiveness Equals Forgetting, Restoration Can Come

My morning Bible study today focused on the issue of restoration after forgiveness. When we repent of our sin, we're instantly forgiven. (1 John 1:9) Our slate is wiped clean before the Lord and He never remembers it again. (Hebrews 8:12)

Being forgiven, however, is not the same as being restored, especially if the sin for which we've been forgiven was a public error that resulted in loss of position of service. Restoration comes after, but it is never withheld. 

We see this principle all through Scripture. 

Abram went to Egypt during a famine rather than continue on the route God had given him. While there, he lied about his wife to protect himself and made a terrible mess of things. Later, he lied in the same way again. 

When he finally got back on track with following God, Abram was forgiven. Later, he was called "a friend of God." (James 2:23) Never once do we see God call Abram (or Abraham) "that lying wife-risker." We're the ones who remember Abram's mistakes and take comfort in them. 

God forgot Abram's mistakes when He forgave them.

David committed adultery and murder to have the momentary pleasure of a woman for whom he lusted. 

There were God-given consequences (death of his child) of his sin that could not be avoided. Despite the consequences, David was called "a man after God's own heart." What God didn't do is call David, "that cheating, murdering lust-monger." We're the ones who remember David's mistakes and take comfort in them. 

God forgot David's mistakes when He forgave them.

The apostle Peter denied Jesus three times on the night of His arrest and trial/crucifixion. He wept bitterly, repented, and was forgiven. Despite his sin, Simon Peter became known as "the rock" on which Christ built His church. Jesus never called Peter the "denier" after He forgave Him. We're the ones who remember Peter's mistakes and take comfort in them.

God forgot Peter's mistakes when He forgave them. 

God always forgives and forgets. We're the ones who hold to our memories of the sins of others like they're hidden treasures to be savored and protected at all costs.

Henry Ward Beecher once said, "'I can forgive, but I cannot forget' is only another way of saying, 'I will not forgive.' Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note - torn in two and burned up so that it never can be shown against one."

If we are to follow our Lord as He intended, we must also forgive and stop remembering as He does, as well. 

Once forgiven and forgotten, God's pattern is to redeem the lost time and to restore the fallen one back to useful service.

The beautiful thing about God's restoration is that He gladly offers huge jobs. Moses wasn't confined to picking up garbage on the side of the street. He was given the job of speaking for God and shepherding God's people for the rest of his life. David continued to be king. Saul became Paul. Peter became a great evangelist and writer.

Why is God so generous with sinners?

I believe the answer is found in the words of Jesus. "I tell you, her sins - and they are many - have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love." Luke 7:47 NLT

Those who've been forgiven for many sins know it and they love big. God doesn't have to keep bringing it up. They never forget their debt of forgiveness, nor the redemption that bought it. 

Love is the natural response to that kind of forgiveness.

It's God's way to bring all who fall back to a place of service. That may not be instantaneous and it may not be in the same place of leadership as before, but He never consigns His repentant people to the far reaches of the kingdom because of forgiven and forgotten sin.

In Joel 2:25-26, one of my favorite passages, God promises restoration for what the locusts have stolen. He promises both provision, and satisfaction in that provision. Whatever God does will be enough. 

Have we been wounded by the sin of someone else? Our job begins with forgiveness and forgetfulness, but God never stops there. He brings restoration to service for the truly repentant, as well. 

If God is willing to allow restoration to fellowship and service, shouldn't we do the same? 

I'm not suggesting we allow a repentant child molester to keep the nursery. That would be foolish and both an unnecessary risk and unnecessary temptation.

We've all been forgiven of sin, and we must do the same for others. Forgiveness is not fully accomplished, however, until some degree of forgetting and God-directed restoration has been given. 

For today, let's thank God that He not only forgives but also restores. Thank Him for the ways He's allowed us to serve despite our failures. Ask Him, too, if there is anything more we should do to completely forgive one who has wounded us. 

"For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." Matthew 6:14-15
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