Thursday, May 4, 2017

Guest Blogger Niki Chiles: Feeding Appetites but Missing Opportunities

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.  I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus”  Phil. 3:13 NIV

From Genesis 25 

It was done, full belly after a long day or days hunting for the family, the soup was good but it wasn’t great…however it satisfied the current need.  Why did my brother have to press so hard to share the soup?  Lentils & tomatoes, really?!  Certainly he didn’t take seriously my offer to give him my birthrights.  Its just like him, he always hangs out at home while I’m out trying to get food and provide.  Doesn’t he do anything?  Obviously he’s mom’s favorite.

At that very moment, our legacy was re-written…over a bowl of soup.  Esau gave up his birthright for his hunger.  We don’t think much about birthrights as in this time.  Esau gave up his right to:  twice the inheritance, leadership over his family, and the spiritual leadership (priest hood).  History, as we know it, is written as “…Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, not “…Abraham, Isaac, and Esau”.  (Ex. 3:6, as example).

As we read further in Genesis 27, we also see that Esau loses his blessing.  Yes, although through deceit, he lost his father’s blessing.  He was anguished, bitter in fact.  I mean wouldn’t you be too?!?  

In today’s cultural justice system, his bitterness, vengeance, would not only be accepted, it would also be encouraged or plastered across some reality TV show.  Esau probably would be a modern day reality TV star being worshipped by our culture.  Before we go too far, let’s do a self-check…how am I giving up my inheritance or my blessing because of my appetite?

In Colossians, we see Jesus’ birthright.  He is the first born of God.  For those who have surrendered your life to Christ, this means:  He is our priest, He is over our family, He is our spiritual leader, He has received a double-portion of inheritance (1:15).  

When I feed one of my appetites, such as:  greed, pride, or status, I may miss my blessing that God has in store for me.  Blessings like: an opportunity to join Him in His kingdom work, intimacy with Him, or simplicity in life by resting in His provisions.

Pray with me:  Gracious Father, I am thankful that you provide wisdom through Your Word…it always cuts to the heart of the matter.  You are my sustainer, my healer, and my redeemer.  All joy, love, and anything righteous in me only comes through You.  I want more of You and less of me.  Use the silence of today to speak to me where I may overlook behaviors or appetites that pull me away from You.  Forgive me for where I chose empty joy of temptations over a life-giving joy.  Give me the strength to press on toward Jesus.  Its in His precious name I pray, Amen.

By Niki Chiles, guest blogger
Niki is an amazing disciple of Christ, wife to Chris, and home schooling mother. She's a gifted administrator and a tireless worker in the cause of Christ. 
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