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The Prayer List

Prayer List:

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:16

This is by no means exhaustive, but only represents the areas hardest hit

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is head of ISIS. Pray for an end to his reign of terror.
Abubakar Shekau is head of Boko Haram. Pray for an end to his reign of terror, as well.
Ahmed Abdi Godane is the leader of Al-Shabaab.
Pray for an end to their reign of terror, that they might come to the end of themselves and find God waiting to forgive and transform them, that all their plans for evil would be confused and thwarted, and their the destruction they cause will be limited.

~ People of Louisiana and coastal Mississippi after devastating flooding August 2016

~ Tupelo and protests planned for 7/30/16 (thanksgiving for peace)

During the month of July, 2016, (as of 7/23/16) there have been 134 known terrorist incidents world-wide, with 1,159 people dead and 1,690 people injured in 31 different countries and five different continents. These numbers do not include kidnappings. Of those casualties, 742 deaths and 744 injuries are attributed to ISIS, in 35 separate attacks. There are 23 known terrorist groups, plus six individuals, multiple unknown attackers, and lone wolf attacks.

~ People in Kabul, Afghanistan after ISIS suicide bomber left 80+ dead and 236+ injured. 7/23/16

~ People in Munich, Germany after shooting left 9+ dead and 21 injured.7/22/16

~ People of Baton Rouge, Louisiana after ambush on police left 3 dead and 3 injured. 7/17/16

~ People of Nice, France after truck bomb killed 84 and injured 303. 

~ People of Dallas, Texas after shooter killed 5 policemen and injured 7 officers and 2 civilians. 7/7/16

~ People of Baghdad, Iraq after ISIS bombing left 324+ dead and 246+ injured. 7/3/16

~ People of Istanbul, Turkey after ISIS attack at airport killed 44 and injured 239.

~ Racial reconciliation for Tupelo, surrounding areas, and the state of Mississippi

~ People of Tupelo, MS and surrounding area after police shooting and killing of Antwun (Ronnie) Shumpert 6/18/16

~ People of Lake Chad, Camaroon after Boko Haram executed 10 fishermen and 42 other civilians. 6/14/16

~ People of Bosso, Niger after Boko Haram attack left 32+ dead and 67 injured. 6/4/16

~ People of Iraq, Syria, Bangladesh, Syria, Afghanistan, Jordan, Libya, France, Philippines, Yemen, Malaysia, and Kuwait after a total of 80 ISIS attacks in which more than 2,000 people were killed, more than 696 injured and hundreds kidnapped in June 2016.

~ People of Baghdad, Iraq who experienced at least 33 terrorist attacks (mostly ISIS) in June 2016, with 200 dead and more than 250 injured.

~ People of Orlando after terrorist attack. 49 killed. 53 wounded. Shooter American-born. 6/12/16
~ People of Afghanistan after Taliban kidnapped 269 people in buses and cars at a fake check point on Kunduz-Takhar Highway. 29 people executed. 6 killed while trying to escape. 4 killed during kidnapping. 5/31/16 - 6/8/16

~ People of Jableh and Tartus, Syria after series of ISIS suicide and car bombs killed 184 and injured 200. 5/23/16.

~ People of Aden, Yemen after ISIS car bomb killed 45+ army recruits and injured 60+. 5/23/16. 

~ People of Mosul, Iraq after chemical execution of 25 people by ISIS on 5/18/16. 

~ People of Baghdad, Iraq after a series of 8 ISIS suicide and car bombings left 101+ dead and 194+ injured. 5/17/16.

~People of Mukalla, Yemen after suicide bombing left 47+ dead and 60+ injured.5/15/16.

~ People of Bandarban, Bangladesh after a 75 year old Buddhist monk was hacked to death by ISIS. 5/14/16

~ People of Deir ez-Zor, Syria after ISIS militants attacked a hospital. 20+ dead. 5/14/16.

~ People of Zara'a, Syria after ANF massacre left 45+ dead and unknown numbers injured. 70 civilians, including women and children, were kidnapped.  5/12/16

~ People of Nineveh, Syria after ISIS buried 45 men alive. 5/11/16

~People of Baghdad, Iraq after two separate ISIS suicide bombers and a car bomb killed 94+ and injured more than 118. 5/11/16

~ People of Baquba, Iraq after ISIS car bomb killed 16, injured 54. 5/9/16

~ People of Ramadi, Iraq after mass execution/genocide by ISIS. killed 160+. 5/7/16

~ People of Mosul, Iraq after ISIS shooting killed 25 people. 5/5/16

~ People of Homs, Syria after suicide car and motorcycle bombing killed 12+ and injured 60. 5/5/16

~ People of Beni, Congo after melee attack killed at least 38. 5/3/16

~ People of Baghdad, Iraq after ISIS suicide car bomb killed 18 and injured 45. 5/2/16

~ People of Samawa, Iraq after ISIS suicide bomb killed 33 and injured 75. 5/1/16

~ People of Runigod, Somalia after suicide car bomb killed 22 soldiers + 12 terrorists. 5/1/16

~People of Baghdad, Iraq after ISIS suicide car bomber killed 38 and injured 86. 4/30/16

~ People of Alau, Nigeria after Boko Haram massacred more than 30 people.

~ People of Baghdad, Iraq after ISIS killed 45 people by locking them in a forensic freezer and freezing them to death. 4/23/16

~ People of Mosul, Iraq. ISIS executed more than 250 women because they refused to become sex slaves. 4/21/16

~ People of Kabul, Afghanistan. Car bomb and shooting killed 64. Injured 347. 4/19/16.

~ People of Damascus, Syria after ISIS executed 175 and kidnapped 300 cement workers. 4/8/16

~ People of Aleppo, Syria after a chemical weapons attack killed 23 and injured > 100. 4/7/16

~ People of Lahore, Pakistan. Suicide bomber at a large park killed 72 (including 29 children). Injured 200. 3/27/16

~ People of Aden, Yemen. Car bomb and ambulance explosion killed 26. 3/25/16

~ People of Iskandaryia, Iraq. Suicide bomber at football game killed 41. Injured 65. 3/25/16

~ People of Brussels after recent terrorist attacks 3/22/16. 32 
killed. 340 wounded.
     More than 200 flights cancelled. Airport shut down.
     Significant economic impact on both city's income and business owners

~ People of Anbar, Iraq, triple-suicide bombers killed 24, injured 12 on 3/20/16

~ People of Maiduguri, Nigeria, female suicide bombers killed 22 and injured 18 on 3/16/16

~ People of Peshawar Pakistan, bus bomb killed 15 and injured 25 on 3/16/16

~ People of Ankara Turkey, car bombing and shooting killed 37 and wounded 125 on 3/13/16

~ People of Hilal Iraq, suicide truck-bomber killed 61 and wounded 95 on 3/6/16

~ Upcoming United States Presidential elections

~ Recent shoot-out in Tishomingo County, MS 
     Began as domestic dispute and deteriorated.
     Bureau of Narcotics Agent Lee Tartt was shot and killed. Survived by wife and 2 children.
     Suspected gunman killed. 
     Three other officers were wounded

~ Protection of law enforcement officers 

~ Victims of December 23, 2015 tornado
     Seven dead in Mississippi, six in Tennessee, one in Arkansas. More injured.
     Extensive property damage. Many homeless
~ Paris terrorist attack November 13, 2015
     130 dead. 368 injured.
     State of emergency declared in France
     Remembering Paris    Persevering for Paris  

~ More than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram 4/14/14
     Dozens escaped. Most still missing
     Escapees report unthinkable abuse 
     Bringing Nigerian Schoolgirls Home    The Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls
     The Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls

~ Persecuted church worldwide
     ISIS, Boko Haram, and other militant groups, actively persecute Christians worldwide
     Pray for strength to hold to their faith. Pray for protection of religious freedom in U.S.
     Persecuted Church in Nigeria

~ Terrorism worldwide
     Growing problem of terrorism both abroad and in U.S.
     Pray for the salvation of terrorists and success for intelligence agencies in thwarting them
     The Terrorist Prayer List    Praying for Nineveh (Assyrians)
     Radical obedience: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi   Radical obedience: Hamas and Khaled Meshaal
     Radical obedience: Boko Haram and Abubakar Shekau  Radical obedience: Ibrahim al Asiri
     Radical obedience: Nasir al Wuhayshi   
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