Sunday, February 21, 2016

Starting a Prayer List

When I drove up I-22 toward Memphis for my monthly writers' meeting, I saw these broken trees and wondered, for a moment, what had happened. 

It struck me like a shaft to the heart when I remembered. Tornado. Holly Springs. Ashland. December 23, 2015. Two people died. Several were injured. Massive property damage. Many were left homeless. 

I prayed for them in December and early January. My heart broke for those who were affected by the storms. 

I wept for them. 

But. Other pressing issues distracted me, and I quit praying for them. 

The people who suffered those tragic events just before Christmas are no less in need of prayer. In a way, they need more prayer now.

My recent back injury (though nothing in comparison to the tornado victims' problems) has taught me that. (I'm much better, thank you, and ready to talk about what I've learned.)

At the beginning, I was so shocked about the injury that I didn't ask for prayer. When my pain and incapacitation worsened, I (like any victim of a disaster) realized it was bigger than my ability to press through. I begged people to pray for me, and they did. Friends texted every day to ask how I was doing. 

Recovery was slow. 

After several weeks, people would see me limping and comment, "I thought you'd be well by now." I wasn't well. I was exhausted and nearly insane from trying to struggle through. 

I needed prayer more than ever.

If it had been me, I'd have assumed the need was over, too. I'd have stopped praying. 

In fact, I did that very thing. The people involved in the Christmas tornado drifted right out of my mind, as did the people of Paris and many of the others for whom I've prayed. 

As I drove back from Memphis, I pondered how to remedy the problem. 

I need a list. Maybe we all need a list to help us remember. So, I'm starting one.

On my blog page (web version) I've added a gadget on the right hand sidebar labeled "The Prayer List". It's at the top because it's more important than gaining more email subscribers or linking to the online store. Starting today, it links to our prayer list. 

I'm including you because I know you'll pray. (Here's the direct link: Prayer List)

It will take a bit to build it, but I'm beginning this morning with the tornado victims and the Paris terrorist attacks. More prayer reminders will be added over the next few days. (It's a time-consuming process.) I'm including links to pertinent blog posts and a tiny bit of information to serve as prayer nudges. 

I'll be adding the prayer list link to the bottom of my blog posts. You can check there for updates and prayer concerns. 

We can make a difference when we pray, but we have to remember the need to pray for it. I hope this little list will help us change the world and touch those who are hurting. 

We can, if we will.

"Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by ceasing to pray for you..." 1 Samuel 12:23 nasb

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