Friday, October 25, 2013

The 25th Anniversary

As members of a physician advisory council for an international ministry, we meet twice a year. We rarely ever all make it at the same time, but this year is the 25th anniversary of the council and many of us are here. Some of us have been a part since the beginning, others, like me, for less time. For more than a decade, I've joined in as we supported each other through the storms of life. We've laughed together, wept together, grieved together, rejoiced together. We've done a little work for the ministry, but I'm pretty sure the ministry has done far more for us. 

Because of a variety of responsibilities, I had missed the last two meetings, but when I walked into the crowded restaurant where we met Wednesday night, it felt like coming home. Time and distance melted away. I was in the presence of family. Dearly loved family. 

The time we have together is far too short for us to get caught up, but we've tried hard. Once again, we have borne each other's burdens and shared our joys. "I would love to have long enough to share all our God-stories," one friend said. She was right. Our busy practices, astute diagnoses, finances, stresses all fade in importance next to the  marvelous things we have seen God do in our lives and in our families. 

As I basked in the glow of love between close friends Wednesday night, I wondered if our arrival into heaven might look a little like that. A multitude of loved ones will be there, eager to hear the latest God-story and celebrate together the One we serve.  

It may take a while, but I hope to see you then!