Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest Blogger: Katie Pennell Ruth

I got an e-mail from a friend who was in a state of panic.  She wrote: “Its going to be OK, right? Things are going to work out and I am freaking out for no apparent reason, right?
She was scheduled to move into a rental house in a week, the landlord hadn’t given her keys, and the painting and renovation were still underway.  Her current lease was up on the first, and she HAD to have a place to stay on the first.  She couldn’t afford a motel room.  It was 11 degrees the night before and sleeping in her car for a night or two was definitely not an option, even if she had considered it!  Needless to say, most anyone would have panicked from not knowing what to do next.  
The verse that came to my mind is the same one that comes to mind when I hear the wind blowing hard outside of my bedroom window in the middle of the night, when I hear a bad diagnosis for a loved one, or see a ticked-off squirrel in the same tree that I am hunting from.  "When I am afraid, I will trust in Thee." Psalms 56:3.  I learned this verse when I was in 5th grade Bible Drills. My grandmother always said it in a sing-songy voice, and that’s how I always say it over and over in my head.  Although storms will rage, friends and family will get sick, and squirrels will be mad about you being in their tree, God is a constant protector. There have been storms, but never one strong enough to lift my house and whirl me to Oz.  I have lost loved ones, but I was blessed to know I will see them again in Heaven.  I have hunted in countless trees, but I have never been bitten by a ticked-off squirrel.  God has been reliable, He has been constant, and  I know that he will be there for my friend.
My friend might not be able to move in on the first, but I have a couch she can sleep on.  I have a little money to put her up in a hotel for a night.  God will provide for her, just as He has for me.  
My answer to my friend:  
It will work out.  And if the first comes and you aren’t able to move in, we have a couch that you can sleep on until it’s ready…we can find a place for you, sweetie.  And then we will all be right there to help you move in!  Promise!! 
You will have everything you need, one way or another.  You can do this, but not alone. We were DESIGNED to depend on God, to trust His leadership and not to try to do things alone.  HE WANTS TO HELP US!  And when we come to Him, He makes things work out.  When you know that there is no way things will go right without Him and ask for His guidance, His provisions, His comfort, He ALWAYS comes through…it’s just the way that it works.  I drive my husband Dale crazy because I never worry.  I don’t worry that the bills will get paid.  They are often late and short, but they get paid.  I don’t worry that we have enough to eat.  We have ramen noodles and cereal.  I don’t worry that the house isn’t clean enough.  The roof leaks, but we are warm.  God provides.  Maybe not in OUR idea of perfect, but His grace is perfect.  His provisions are enough.  And His love is all we need."

I wasn't just spouting a bunch of words. What I told my friend is exactly how I live, depending on the only One who never fails. His provisions ARE enough and His love really IS all we need. 

Other verses to look at for learning to fully trust God:  Psalms 22:4, Deuteronomy 32:7, Isaiah 26:4