Saturday, January 4, 2014

Heart Clean-Up

The holidays are just about over at my house. Somehow, because of the mid-week holiday, three days off work netted me a ten-day stretch out of the office.  If it sounds confusing, it's because it is. I'm astounded at how long I've been off. It's been like a little vacation!  Not only did I have a great visit with my son, but I've had a few days with no pressing agenda. I've managed to get all the Christmas decorations down, boxed, and stored. I've even rearranged the storage house to make it more "user friendly".  

With that task accomplished, I've started cleaning off countertops, sorting through junk drawers and junk boxes, and straightening bookshelves. As I've sorted, rearranged, and redistributed, I've found that the more "stuff" I get rid of, the more stuff I want to deal with. I'm liking these leaner shelves, and wondering what to sort through next. It's early spring cleaning!

As I was thinking about spring cleaning my house, I remembered a little pamphlet  from years ago. (It might've been a book, but I don't think so). It was called "My Heart: Christ's Home", and the memory has me thinking about spring cleaning my heart as well. You may never accumulate a bit of sin that you don't repent of right away. I hope you don't, but sometimes I do. Before you know it, those sins can accumulate and you will have an unforgiveness issue, critical spirit, unkind words, bad attitude. You know how sin piles up if you don't keep short accounts. This evening, I've been running through my list and trying to clean my heart-house as well. Just like my house cleaning, the more I deal with, the more I want to do. What sweet fellowship with The Lord comes from these times of "I'm sorry"!

A clean house is nice, but you just can't beat a clean heart. Perhaps your heart could use a little clean up, too. There's no time like the present, so why not get started? You may be as surprised as I by what's been accumulating!