Monday, February 3, 2014

Maggie and the Sunbeam

Maggie the Wonder Dog's favorite spot in our house is on the edge of my green ottoman in front of the big picture window. She spends as much time as possible there, usually stretched out and napping. Until recently, I thought it was just a comfy spot for her. 

A few weeks ago, Maggie made a day trip with me and we carried her "upstairs bed" along. When we returned home, the extra bed ended up on the floor in the great room. The next day, I was off work and doing some household chores. Maggie's not much on helping with housework, so she was sleeping on the ottoman. After an hour or so, I realized she had moved to the other side of the ottoman. She got up and played for a while, then started dragging her bed around. She spent the next several hours dragging the bed around, positioning it just right, then snuggling down. It took me a bit, but I finally realized she was chasing the sunbeams. Her first spot on the ottoman is her favorite because that's where the sun shines in on her. She worked all afternoon being sure she could rest in the light of the sun. 

I wish I was as diligent about resting in the light of the Son, don't you? The Heavenly Sonlight of Christ should be the place we most want to inhabit and the place of our greatest rest. Like Maggie dragging her bed around, we need to make whatever adjustment is necessary in our position or priority to be sure we are right in the center of the Light from above. Has your faith walk grown a little cool?  Perhaps you need to move closer to the Son. 

In case you aren't sure how to get in position, take a hint from Maggie. She looks for the light and keeps moving until she's right in the center of the beam, and we should, too.