Saturday, February 22, 2014

Maggie the Wonder Dog is Confounded by Tragedy

My fans know that Wonder Dogs are supposed to be wonderful all the time. We have to be at our best in good times and in bad. Today, however, has been worse than bad. It has been confoundingly awful. The unimaginable has happened to me, and I still can't believe it. 

Just yesterday, my mama gave me a new shirt that said "Barking Diva". Being a Diva is not bad. Even one of the other mommies at play day said I am a "cute little Diva Dog". I thought my mama liked me being a Diva Dog. Until today. 

It happened like this. My mama woke me up early and said, "Hey Maggie, you want to go to the barn with me? No leash!" Thst usually means I can run and play as much as I want. I sure did want to go! So I went!  I ran, and ran, and ran. I dug holes and sniffed them out. I got just a little dirty.  My mama was dirty from the barn, too, so she went inside and got all fixed up, but she let me play some more. What a great way to start a Saturday!

The next thing I know, mama is carrying me inside and locking me in the kitchen. She said, "I need to run some errands and you are too dirty to go with me."  She did not say she was mad at me. She did not! She just said ERRANDS. That usually means groceries and Maggie treats. Today, oh no. There were no Maggie treats today. 

When my mama came home, she had a brown and white furry thing and she said, "Look Maggie! I brought you a friend!" What kind of treat is that?? I wanted jerky! (You can never have too much jerky!). Jerky is a treat. That furry friend business might work with cats but it does not work with Wonder Dogs. We know a treat when we see one, and that is NOT it!!

I told my mama I did not want a treat like that and my mama said, "Oh dear! You have gotten this treat anyway! This is Mamie and she is here to stay!" I told my mama that I do not even want to look at that brown and white creature and she said, "Okay.  But you might like having a friend to play with." I did not even look at my mama when she said that! "I have friends and I do not need another one!" I said as I ran away from that brown thing. 

My mama keeps saying it is not a "thing" it's a puppy and she is my adopted sister. I have a family already. My mama and my boy Ryan are my family. I don't want a sister!

I have been so sad. My mama has tried to snuggle me, but I can smell the brown thing. She has snuggled it, too. Can you believe that? I have been betrayed! I can't snuggle up to that. I just can't. 

I heard my mama talking to Jesus. She said, "Oh Jesus, please help Maggie and Baby Mamie! I don't know what else to do. We need your help!" Later, she told me Jesus will help me. "I promise He can help and He will," she said. If He's helping, I sure can't tell it yet. 

I just feel awful and so, so, so sad. 

I don't know what will happen to me. 

I'm afraid. Maybe brown things don't get dirty in the mud. Maybe my mama will like the brown thing better than me. 

I'm so afraid. 

My mama said,"It's okay, sweet Maggie. Some things just take a little time, and this will, too. I still love you!"

That's good. But I'm still afraid. 

I'm still worried. 

I still feel all alone. 

(To be continued)