Friday, March 21, 2014

Bahamian Blogging # 6: Sister Zina and the Blood Song

At FBC Nassau, the schedule was set and recorded in the worship booklet. When two of the C-Force musicians were invited to play for the special music time, I wondered if Sister Zina would be unhappy that she was "bumped" by the appearance of professional musicians. I had assumed her selection would be shifted to another week, but I'm so glad it wasn't.

Sister Zina Robins was an incredible singer who sang what I still think of as a "blood song", but was in fact an old Andre Crouch song, "The Blood Will Never Lose it's Power."  She added a bit to the song, and one of the phrases she added was, "The blood that covers me, the blood that covers my children, will never lose it's power."  I glanced at my son sitting next to me, and started to cry. The blood that covers that wonderful young man, the one human I love more than any other, can be trusted. It will never lose it's power to cleanse or to save.

When Ryan was a little boy, we used to sing the old hymn "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus". I'd sing, "What can wash away my sin?" and Ryan would sing, "Nothing but the blood of Jesus!" "What can make me whole again?" He would sing his reply, "Nothing but the blood of Jesus!"

Sister Zina reminded me of those sweet days, but her powerful delivery did more than that. It reminded me once again of the faithful, never failing power of the Blood of the Lamb. 

As we continue through this Lenten season, keep the power of the Blood in the forefront of your mind. Never forget that it is by His blood we are cleansed, by His stripes we are healed. That blood will never, never ever, lose its power.