Monday, March 3, 2014

Unexpected Surprises

There's a routine to feeding in my barn. Every morning, I head to the barn tack room, set out three buckets, scoop the feed into the buckets, grab all three, and head to the stalls. The closest stall gets feed first. The horse with the sweetest, most patient disposition, however, is in the last stall. She gets fed last every time. 

This morning was no different. As I opened her stall door, I thought, "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first."  In an instant, the routine changed. Tomorrow, Belle will be fed first. A sweet, gentle spirit like hers should have a reward, don't you think? I smiled to myself as I headed back to the house. It's a little surprise she has coming, but a surprise nonetheless. 

I love unexpected surprises, don't you? Maybe Jesus does, too, because He said that, when we least expect it, He's coming back. It's going to be a sky-splitting surprise and everyone on earth will be utterly astounded. The last is still last now, but when Jesus comes back, everything will change. That's when the last will be first and we will be totally astounded by the order He arranges. I wonder if He might not be watching for those with sweet, gentle spirits to "move up the line".  Perhaps we should take a lesson from my very nice horse. The sweetest dispositions (those most like Jesus) will eventually get their own reward, and sometimes, even now, the last becomes first.