Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Night with Friends:

Our Friday Night with Friends guest blogger is Lynn Freeman Richardson. 
I love buttercups. They're my favorite blooming thing. They remind me Of growing up on Robins St in Tupelo. This morning I spent some time sitting on my back side, hair in a pitiful pony tail, digging thru clumps of over grown monkey grass that Tinker had uprooted in order to save as many of the buttercup bulbs as I could.
For my new Bolivar family you may ask what the big deal is? For my Tupelo family, some of you just passed out or died laughing. Let me elaborate for you: I hate dirt. I hate to sweat. I despise bugs that bite. I will do whatever I must to avoid these atrocities. However, this morning I faced my demons and sat in the grass pulling buttercup bulbs from a wad of dirt and roots. All the while I was asking God what he had to show me. Had I completely lost my mind? Had moving 90 minutes north caused a shift in my inner being?
The Lord showed me this: He is willing to go through filth and sin and dreaded conditions to save me (and you) from the dirt of Earth. Just a tiny part of the reason He's willing is because He knows that, on the other side of this earth, we will be a beautiful, fragrant bloom in Heaven. His very favorite blooming thing.