Saturday, June 28, 2014

Special Seed (Luke 8:5,11)

"The sower went out to sow his seed; and as he sowed, some fell beside the road, and it was trampled under foot and the birds of the air ate it up.

"Now the parable is this: the seed is the word of God...(Luke 8:5 NASB)

As Jesus began to explain His parable to the crowd of disciples, He made it clear from the start that the seed was the Word of God. The seed was not the myriad of regulations of the Pharisees, the commentaries of scholars, or the studies written by noted teachers of the time. The seed was not the word of popular speakers or preachers. The seed was not the Word of God plus anything. The seed was simply, completely, totally, and only the Word of God. 

When we understand that one principle, we take a great step in discipleship. No one can write words that replace His Word. No one. (not even this prolific blogger) There is a very important place for a cogent, coherent explanation of Scripture. Well-written exegesis can expand our understanding in amazing ways, but it is still only the Word of God that is the seed. 

"Why is this so important?" you may ask. That's a good question.  Especially in today's culture, where compelling voices compete for our attention, there is a tendency to listen to the loudest or most entertaining voice. Although there is nothing wrong with listening to those voices, at the end of our listening, it is only the Word of God that matters. Does what we hear line up with what God has said? That is the plumb line that must be used. 

There is one very important characteristic of seed that is vital to this understanding. You can't have a harvest without it. There is no way to produce a harvest of any kind without a "real" seed. In the life of a believer, there is no harvest without the work of the Word of God in our lives. Scripture describes the Word of God as a lamp to our feet, and a light to our way (Psalm 119:105). If we allow it to have a harvest in us, not only will we bear fruit that lasts, but we will be able to clearly see the next step on our path. We will have clear direction! In these tumultuous times, knowing the right steps with certainty is invaluable. 

Are you allowing the Word of God to be like a seed planted in your heart? Today, read the words I've written and use them as a magnifying glass to help you see the Word, the Word of God, with clarity. Meditate on that good seed found in the Scripture and allow it to take root in your life. There's no other way to have a harvest. 

Today, pray that we and our loved ones will allow the seed of the Word of God (and that only) to be planted in the fertile soil of our hearts. 
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