Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Most Important Vaccination

As usually happens when I head home after a day at work, I started thinking about the topic for tonight's blog post as soon as I sat down in the car.  I couldn't think of a thing that would be a good topic for an "evening confession" and, as usual, I offered a brief prayer.  "What do You think, Lord?" As quick as a flash, the answer came.  "Tetanus shots."  I laughed so hard the people in the next car looked at me like I was nuts!  "Really?  Tetanus shots?"  

Since tetanus shots was the only suggestion I got, I began to ponder the whys of it.  Perhaps there would be many people stepping on rusty nails and they would need a tetanus shot to protect them. That did not sound right at all.  "What could it be?" I wondered.  I remembered recommended a tetanus booster earlier today.  I had seen a patient who had been injured on a rusty piece of equipment and was late for a tetanus booster.  I recommended the vaccination, then (as I usually do) explained that I had been a part of the team treating two separate cases of tetanus some years ago, and it was such a horrible disease that I never want to see it again.  "There is a simple prevention, and you want it," I explained.  "You may not know you want it, but you do."  

Tetanus is a dreadful condition and a description would not enhance your evening.  Just believe me when I say it is the very worst.  You don't ever want to have this.  You don't even want your enemy to have tetanus.  Perhaps the reason tetanus shots is our topic tonight is because, bad as tetanus is, there is a deadly condition that is much worse.  SIN.  The sin condition leads only to sorrow and more sin.  Even for disciples of Christ, sin is an ever present threat, and a constant battle.

Wouldn't it be so nice if we could just get a quick immunization against sin and be done with it?  Maybe a booster every year or two to keep us safe?  Yes! That would be the best! 

I have bad news for you.  There is no sin vaccine.  There is also some good news, though. There is a preventive that works extremely well, and it has been known for thousands of years.  It is a tried and true remedy, and is found in Psalm 119:11.

Your word I have treasured in my heart, 
That I may not sin against You.
Ps. 119:11
It sounds too good to be true, but it is true.  When we study Scripture, store it in our hearts, and fill our minds with God's Word, it helps us not to sin.  When we memorize Scripture verses, the Holy Spirit is sure to bring them to our minds just in the nick of time to help us avoid wrongdoing.  Sure, we can still sin, but if we listen to the Word within us, we are much less likely to do what we will wish we had not.  

Tetanus vaccines are essential, and if you haven't had a booster recently, maybe you should have one, but the sin vaccine is the most important of all. As I said earlier, "There is a simple prevention, and you want it.  You may not know you want it, but you do."  

Bible study.  
Scripture memory.  
Treasuring His Word.  

The sin prevention.  Do you need a booster?  Get it quick, before you wish you had!