Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mountains and Valleys

I was reading a collection of pilgrim prayers and devotions recently and read this line:

Give me a mountaintop as high as the valley is low. 

I loved that quote. It speaks of such restoration and hope after hard times! Sometimes the valleys of life are long, and deep and really hard, aren't they? At the beginning of the long valley, it's not always possible to see the way through. The only thing to do is keep walking until we get to the other side, but oh how hard that walk of faith through the valley! 

Can you imagine a mountaintop experience that is as high as the long valley was deep? Something as incredibly sweet as the bitterness of our trials? I'm not sure I can, but how wonderful it must be!  

If you are experiencing a deep and lonesome valley, take heart. The One who brings you through the valley can give you a mountaintop on the other side, and if the mountaintop is as high as that valley is low, what rejoicing there will be!