Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Wonder Girls Take a Walk

Martha Stewart's Living magazine for September 2014 included an article entitled "Wish You Were (Still) Here" by Monica M. Willis. The topic was dogs missing their owners and the recommendation was, among other things, to exercise your dog. "Panting-tired" should be the goal. Since I'm still trying to get 10,000 steps in per day, and I'm chronically short, I have to finish up after dinner most days. 

I looked at the dogs and said, "Let's go, girls. We've got nearly 5,000 steps to get done." You may not believe this, but Maggie the Wonder Dog and Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy live with me, and they knew exactly what I was talking about. (I admit it crossed my mind that 5,000 steps might also equal panting-tired, and I was eager to see, but I did not tell the dogs!) 

We headed out and started walking. After  we hit the 7,500 steps point, Mamie was panting-tired and had to take a little break. 

It wasn't long before she rejoined Maggie and me and was off again. About the 8,000 steps point, Maggie hit panting-tired and stopped for a break. 

The instant they got tired, down they went, stretched out and resting. In just a few minutes, they were up and going happily along again. Frankly, that is not my way. I prefer to go wide open until I collapse and need resuscitation. (Well, very nearly) I hate to admit it, but my way may not work all that well. I'm pretty sure the Wonder Girls way is decidedly better. 

Tonight, Maggie and Mamie were slowing down and clearly tired by 8,250 steps, so I said, "Let's take a break, girls. I don't have to get 10,000 steps tonight."  Everyone headed inside, had a drink of water and rested. 

Now here is where you are just gonna have to believe me. I was resting in my big green chair when Maggie the Wonder Dog started scratching on my leg, trying to get me to follow her. It turned out she wanted to go for a walk.  I guess she wanted to be sure I got that last 1,750 steps. Off we went. I finished my 10,000 steps, Wonder Dog and her Apprentice Wonder Puppy both got "panting-tired", and all three of us were as happy as could be!

We could take a lesson from these little Wonder Dogs. There is something amazing about the divine plan of physical labor and rest. We need both to be healthy.  If the Wonder Girls are any example, that holy combination will not only make us healthy, it will leave us happy, energized, and sleeping like a baby, as well.  

In the words of Maggie and Mamie, "Woof! Woof!" Get started and get going! 

You realize, don’t you, that you are the temple of God, and God himself is present in you? ... God’s temple is sacred—and you, remember, are the temple (1 Corinthians 3:16-17 MSG)