Sunday, September 14, 2014

Leanna's fav's #8: Maggie's Turn: Man's Best Friend Speaks Out

In celebration of the upcoming first birthday of Lines from Leanna, we are celebrating with Leanna's Favorites this week and the most popular posts of the year next week.  

This was my first ever "character with a voice".

My birthday is on Monday, and I will be four years old. Well, I might be five years old. I don't know, but that's ok. Wonder Dogs don't care about those silly age numbers anyway. Since I know so many tricks and some people think I am very smart, Dr. Walter Downs suggested my name as a guest blogger. I'm not saying how smart I am, but I CAN dance like a ballerina AND sneak like a spy. Thank you, Mr. Walter!!

Of course, I've never written a blog before, my time being occupied with Wonder Dog business, but I don't mind sharing some of my little wisdom that makes my life so wonderful. Well, I'm only going to give you two little pieces of my wisdom. I have a lot, but if I give it all out now, you know what would happen. That's right. No more guest blogger. I'm holding something back.

First of all, you need to know WHO YOU ARE and why you were created. I'm Maggie the Wonder Dog, and my job is, of course, to be a wonder, doing many things that no one would expect me to do. Like herding cows. Shih-Tzu's like me don't usually herd cows. 

This "what I was created-to-be" business works like this. Since my "breed" is Shih Tzu, there are some characteristics of Shih Tzu's that you should expect to see in me. Dogs like me are loyal, friendly, loving, and alert. We make good watch dogs because we are so alert, even though we are little. That is why I bark so much. I'm on the alertness job ALL the time. I never, ever take a day off. If I don't watch out, who will?  There is no sense in fussing about me barking. I'm born to sound the alarm. 

I'm sounding the alarm because I have to take care of my humans. That's part of being loyal. Now, if I am going to be loyal, I need to be loyal to the right person, so it's important to know WHOSE I am, too. I belong to my mama, and she is a wonder like me. She has so many animals for me to watch, it's like being a guard at a zoo!! 

Sometimes...  Oh I don't know if she wants me to tell this. Well, I'm going to anyway. Sometimes, my mama lets the cows out and they get busy eating grass and won't do what she says. She can get pretty frazzled about that, and one time she cried! I did not like that! Those cows were not nice to my mama. From then on, it's been my job to be sure those cows are sweet to her. When she says round up, they better do it or they will be dealing with me! That's part of being loyal, and I'm good at it. Are you good at being loyal?

I know a lot about being a Wonder Dog, but I don't know that much about being a human, so I asked my mama about her breed. She says her breed is Christian, and she tries to act the way she's supposed to, being a Christian and all. She says Christians are supposed to be loving, gentle, peaceful, patient, kind, good, loyal, and self-controlled. 

Hey, that seems like a bunch to remember, but those Christians sound a lot like Shih Tzu's!  It looks to me, though, like Shih Tzu's might be better at being Shih Tzu's than Christians are at being Christians! (Except my mama! She's terrific!) 

When I asked mama who she belongs to, she said, "Jesus, of course." She says she is loyal to Jesus because He's been so sweet to her. "Does He fill your treat puzzle every morning?" I asked. That's what mama does for me. She laughed. "No, silly. I don't have a treat puzzle! He just fills my day with joy and peace!"  She really likes joy and peace. Me... I like treat puzzles. But I like it when my mama has joy and peace, too. 

I know many other things I can tell you about later, but that's about enough for today. I've noticed it takes humans longer to learn their tricks and their obedience than it does Wonder Dogs. I better sum it all up. You need to figure out what your breed is and what you are meant to be like, and then you need to be that way! You need to decide who you belong to and then you need to be loyal to them.

Wonder Dogs like short commands. Maybe humans do, too. Here's the one for today:


The end. From Maggie the Wonder Dog.