Monday, September 29, 2014

The Hay-Nibbler Effect

Of the three horses in the barn, Cali is definitely the slowest mover.  That is a great advantage for a Western Pleasure horse in the show ring, so it seems unwise to rush her, but some mornings, a little quicker pace would be nice.  The delay is caused by Cali's attention to the hay that has dropped on the floor of the barn on the way to the paddock.  She wants both the big bundle of hay outside the door and the little scattered hay along the floor.  (You may have read about Cali and her nibbling-ways a few weeks ago.)  

Recently, our lovely Quarter Horse mare has taken note of Cali's delay.  A few days ago, Belle headed out the barn door, just like always.  Half-way through, she looked back, realized Cali was busy with something, and backed up to get a better look.  On reentering the barn, Belle realized that Cali was eating the hay that had dropped off the flake in their rack.  As quietly as could be, Belle stepped alongside Cali and started eating.  

Usually, Belle is content with the "easy pickings" hay just outside the door.  I've never seen her pause to get every morsel.  She wouldn't have, even now, if she had not seen Cali doing it first.  She hasn't paused to nibble every day, but, more days than not, she is joining Cali in getting all she can.  

Cali set the example and Belle has followed right along.  It's a good thing the example was one worth following.  What about the example we set, though?  Is it one worth following? How many people are making a choice or taking an action based on what they have seen us do?  Let's be sure our example is one that can be followed with the confidence that our actions were right actions.  In fact, if we are looking at examples, we need to look at more than actions.  We need to look at our words and attitudes, too.  Are yours worth emulating?
Would life be better for those you love if they acted, spoke, and felt just like you?  Would they be more like Jesus?

Oh dear ones, what a different place this world would be if those of us who know Jesus actually acted as He would act, spoke as He would speak, felt as He felt.  We could make such a difference.  We could, if we would.  Will you be the example someone longs to follow?