Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lessons from the battlefield, part 20:

From 2 Chronicles 36:22-23

In the first year of Cyrus’ reign in Persia, God told him to build a temple in
Jerusalem and send the Jews home. This was the most unlikely thing in the world. A new king has more to worry about than building a religious temple in another country, and he certainly wants to preserve his skilled labor force. If our new president started his term by building a temple in the Middle East, we’d be more than a little upset. God, however, delights in doing the MOST unlikely. He delights in the unpredictable and unexpected. 

Years before, God had said He would use his servant Cyrus, but who could believe His “servant Cyrus” would turn out to be the king of an enemy nation? God had also told them that their captivity would last seventy years, but many were surprised when the end of captivity finally came. Right on time, God’s unexpected servant King Cyrus sent the children of Israel back to their homeland and financed their temple’s reconstruction. God did what He said He would do, exactly when He said He would do it. He was faithful to His Word.

Our wonderful, amazing Lord, delights in doing things in an unpredictable, unexpected way so that we will know without a doubt that every blessing came only from Him. Is there something about which you have been praying? Why not ask God to intervene in such an unexpected way that it will be clear the blessing came straight from Him. Pray that He will move in a way that only He could do. There is no greater fun than seeing God do something extraordinary!