Thursday, October 16, 2014

The light of God

In the predawn morning, the walk back from the barn was dark. Stepping out of the tack room, I quickly turned on the flashlight. Looking up, the extravagant display of stars became apparent, as well as the light of the quarter-moon. Snapping off the flashlight, I stood still in the light of the moon and stars, in God's light, and realized it was all I needed. Passing under trees, the path was darker, but the light of God was enough to find the next step. 

The stillness was breathtaking. The light was gentle and lovely. For just a few moments, I was wrapped in the creation of God, secured by His provision of light and quiet, waiting from the beginning of time for just this walk on this particular early autumn morn. 

The light of God is always enough for the path He has given us, but is easily obscured by the artificial light of man's device. How easy it becomes to miss our way when we try to replace the gentle glow of the light of God with the harsh beam of our own devices. 

Are you seeking the way? Be still in the light of God and wait for your vision to adjust. Wait for the path to clear, and you will find that the light of God is all you need