Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Meager Gift

The morning trek to the barn is a time for talking with the Lord. Topics range from the breathtaking beauty of the night sky to prayers for loved ones. Sometimes, like today,  the time is spent composing little poems and songs (poems set to music). This was one of those days, and the words have lingered in my mind all day. I won't overwhelm you with the whole thing, but here's the part that spoke to me. 

Like the stars above you are eternal, 
Who was and is and ever more will be.
We long to tell you that we love you, 
But words are such a meager gift to bring and so we bow before your throne of grace and glory 

we bring our hearts 
we bring our lives 
we bring our will 

Words are such a meager gift to bring, and yet I am chocked full of words. It has reminded me once again that all the words in the world mean nothing if they are not accompanied by an humble, seeking, submitting heart that is set on pleasing our Lord.  That's the gift I want to bring before the throne. What about you?