Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The second day at crisis training

As a child, this young Muslim girl prayed often to Allah. She longed for her god to speak back to her, but he never did. When she was seventeen, she awakened  and heard a voice that said, "This Allah that you worship is not a real God because he doesn't talk to you." She knew that, if Allah was not true, neither was her Muslim faith, and was instantly set free. Her parents were, of course, terribly upset but, amazingly, did not abandon her at that time. She eventually married a Muslim man and they moved to the US to pursue their education. 

Her burning desire became to know truth. She tried many faiths and spent time as a Hindu, Socialist, Buddhist, and New Ager. In her seemingly futile search for truth, she became desperately depressed and suicidal. 

Through a divine orchestration of events and programming, a man on a corner "with the eyes of Christ" handed her a Bible. The fear of going to hell for reading the Bible, ingrained in her as a Muslim child, prevented her from opening it. At the same time, the only program on television every single time she turned on her TV, regardless of the time, was the 700 Club. Every program was filled with people who told their story of transformation as a result of faith in Jesus. She had never heard the name of Jesus before, but she wanted what those  people had. Finally, in desperation, she called the 700 Club and spoke with a counselor who prayed with her. She prayed to receive Christ but "thought nothing happened."

Eventually, she ended up at a New Age camp. Sitting by the lake one day, talking with one of the leaders, the woman looked at her and said, "There is a beam of light coming down from the sky going through you. When you get up from here, you will have so much joy and the things that have bothered you will be past." Even though the woman was not a believer, and had no idea about the light she saw, she spoke the truth of God. This young woman walked away inflamed by Christ, filled with forgiveness, and in love with our Lord. 

Last night, she prayed with me and for me, speaking great truth into my life. Today, she shared her amazing story of redemption and deliverance with me. This beautiful woman is radiantly in love with Christ, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, and freed from the years of seeking. She has found her King and has dedicated her life to serving Him. 

This former Muslim has a relationship with Christ that those of us who have grown up in the church would do well to emulate. We, who have so many advantages, do not adequately treasure that for which she sought so long. Oh, dear ones, that same Lord who spoke truth to a Muslim teenager, who orchestrated every step along her path to Him, longs to do the same for all of His children. May we relinquish ourselves to Christ with the abandon of our Savior who held nothing back in His quest of redemption, purchasing our pardon with His own dear blood.