Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trusting and obeying

I am abuzz with books these days. Getting The Waiting in my hands after all the work and waiting was so exciting! When I returned from Nashville, I was so glad to be home that I temporarily forgot they had been delivered. That big stack of boxes was wonderful!

I didn't write much yesterday because of other responsibilities but today I was able to write almost all day. I am constantly surprised by how much fun it is to write, especially writing fiction. It has turned out that my quest for facts extends to fiction, as well. I have very rarely seen fiction with footnotes, but my new book has them. 

Since terrorists from Uzbekistan have surfaced in my book, I had to read extensively about Uzbek and the terrorists who are active there. You may not be surprised that the terrorists are planning an act of terror, so that prompted a very informative search for the types of dastardly deeds each terror group prefers. Even more surprising, I learned today that those dastardly deed doers who use bombs have multiple bomb choices, and some are very unexpected. I know a good bit more about bombs than I ever expected to know. 

Of course the FBI is helping track these bad guys. That's mostly because I forgot all about Homeland Security. It turns out that no FBI agent can be in two different cities (in two different states) at the same time. Unfortunately, I didn't discover my error for almost two action-packed chapters. Today, I had some re-writing to do. 

The best part of writing fiction is that I can give my characters some of the most wonderful parts of my day. When they least expect it, God shows up. When their mind is in a stew, He speaks. When they have never heard of Jesus, someone introduces them. It is exactly like real life. (Or how real life is supposed to be) In fiction, it is possible for the body of Christ to act like the body of Christ is supposed to act, and the results can be pretty amazing. 

I believe that, if the body of Christ acted like the body of Christ all the time, we would see some pretty fabulous things. God would do more than we can imagine and we would see signs and wonders. If we acted like we are supposed to. That's a pretty big "if", but it is not an impossible if. Do you want to see God move in extraordinary ways? Do what He says. It's just that simple. It may be horridly complicated in fiction but in real life, all we need is obedience and love.