Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Night with Friends: Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy CelebratesHer First Birthday

HOORAY! It's my birf'day! I'm one years old yesterday! But I'm still cel'bratin' because I jus' found out about ce'bratin' birf'days and it's so much fun, I'm doin' it again! 

My name is Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy and now I am one whole year old. That may not seem remarkable to you, but there was a time when I di'nt think I would see another month. Life was hard. That was back 'fore I even knew what months was, oops, were. It all started like this. 

Once upon a time (nine and a half months ago) my mama only had two dogs, Ole Lou (who is the greatest and lives outside because he is ginormous!) and my sister, Maggie the Wonder Dog. My mama thought that Maggie might be lonely while her mama was away at work, so she decided to give her a little surprise and get her a sister.  Tha's me! She told Maggie she was going to run errands, and boy hidey did she ever run some errands. She 'dopted me! Can you believe this? I started as an errand, and here I am today, a famous guest blogger. That just goes to show that you don't have to get a good start to turn out well. 

Anyway, my mama picked me because she thought I was so cute and sweet, and that was right! And she snuggled me up and carried me home. We walked in the door and she said, "Maggie, I have brought you a surprise!" Maggie thought our mama had brought her jerky, but she did not. She brought a 'dopted sister instead. Maggie was so mad I couldn't believe it! She was mean, mean, mean, mean, mean to me! It was ter'ble and my mama had to give us some good talkin' to's. Then, we had to talk to Jesus so much! Oh, dear Jesus must'a got really tired of us because Maggie was growlin' and I was cryin' and Mama was cryin' all the time! It was terrible!

'Fore I got 'dopted, I lived with all my brothers and sisters and we would play and tumble until we were so tired we landed in a jumbly pile and took a nap. There was no jumbly pile here and I wanted to go HOME, but my mama kept saying, "Little Mamie, this is your new home now, and it's going to be fine. Jesus will help us!" To tell the truth, it seemed like it took a while for Jesus to help us. He did not do it as fast as I wanted Him to! He did not! Mama said that was because He was teaching me and Maggie some things and we had to learn 'em 'fore we could act better. She said things would get better when we learned what Jesus wanted us to learn.

I had to learn not to jump on Maggie's head all the time, and I learned that I'm not 'posed to hop like a bunny all the time, but I can do it sometimes still. Also, I really like to kiss a lot, but my sister didn't like nonstop kisses. Now, I can kiss sometimes, but you aren't 'posed to kiss if the other person doesn't want kisses. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want kisses, but some people are just strange. Maggie had more to learn, and I am not going to tell her business, except to say she had to learn that little sisters are HERE TO STAY! And she had to learn not to bite her lil' sister, too.

The amazing thing is that Maggie and I have learned a lot. Jesus helped us. Maggie hated me when I came. She called me a guinea pig and a gremlin, and some other names that are not nice and my mama won't let me say them. It hurt my feelings really bad. My mama said I had to forgive, but I did not want to forgive. Then, Jesus said, "Forgive!" in His sweet little voice and I said, "Okay, I will!" so He helped me. Guess what! Jesus was helping Maggie, too, and I didn't even know it. 

Before I could even imagine it, Maggie started being my friend and loving her lil' sister and I started loving Maggie. You know what happened today? Maggie and I played so long we fell in a jumbly pile and took a nap, just like sisters are 'sposed to do! And guess what else! When we were playing, Maggie kissed me all over! Yep! My sister learned to like kissing! Jesus is the best. When he fixes a problem, sometimes it takes Him a while, but He gets it done right. You can be sure of that! 

I am 'posed to give that lesson thing. I can't 'member it. Oh yeah, the Apprentice Wonder Puppy Lesson of the Day. I have learned a lot this year. It's gonna be hard to just give one lesson, but I'm going give you the most important one I learned. It made all the others possible.

Jesus will help you if you ask, but you hafta do what He says.

That's it. He will not let you down. He reminds me of my mama though. What He says goes. You have to mind Him, and He is not kiddin' around 'bout that! It's like mindin' your mama. It's the right thing to do and you'll be glad you did.

So, if you are having some problems, just ask Jesus to help you and He will, but be sure to do what He tells you to, 'cause He's big on minding!

The End.
By Mamie the Apprentice Wonder Puppy
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