Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The New Zealand Badge

Emails from Fitbit are a never ending adventure. Today, I received an email that said, "Congrats on earning your New Zealand badge!" New Zealand? How could I possibly have earned a New Zealand badge, and what is that, anyway? It turns out that I have now walked the distance between Mordor and the Shire, which is 990 miles, without ever leaving Mississippi. Who knew? 

There's something wonderful about that kind of tangible encouragement, isn't there? If I'd known I could earn a New Zealand badge for walking 990 miles, you can be sure I'd have tried to get there sooner. It's not the electronic badge that I want. It's that setting of a goal and meeting it. The amazing thing about this goal is that I didn't set it. What I set was a daily goal of 10,000 steps. As I've worked hard at meeting that goal every day, I've gradually accumulated some distance. Apparently, those steps I've faithfully walked have added up to miles, and those miles have added up to the distance between Mordor and the Shire. I had no idea that walking the distance from Mordor to the Shire was possible, but someone did, and someone was taking note. (Of course that "someone" was probably a computer program!)

There's an amazing thing about faithfully working toward a goal. Sometimes our faithfulness does more than meet the goal we set. It leads us to a goal we never knew was possible. Before you know it, our faithfulness has achieved more than we dreamed. Isn't that amazing? 

Let's do something absolutely daring in 2015. Let's set a goal, work at it every day, and faithful meet the goal we've set. While we're being faithful, let's look with expectation toward the goal we didn't know was possible. Let's look toward that which God will do with the little bit we offer. What He does is always more than we could ask or hope, so let's start now and look toward what God does with what we do! What fun we will have!

Thanks for sharing 2014 with me. I'm looking forward to an even more amazing 2015, so get ready for an amazing ride! Happy New Year! See ya' next year!