Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Problem with Knitting Bags, by Maggie the Wonder Dog Hollis

In case you didn't know... Maggie the Wonder Dog is an amazing 11 pound Shih-Tzu who can dance like a ballerina, sneak like a spy, and herd cows. She is also a wonderful writer. Regrettably, her mother sold all the cows and now Maggie has to content herself with memories of those wonderful days gone by... barking at the cows and making those half-ton behemoths do what she said. Sigh.

My name is Maggie the Wonder Dog and I want to talk to you about the problem of too many knitting bags. Now that may not be a problem at your house, but it is at mine. I only found out about this knitting bag problem today, but it was so bad that action had to be taken right away! Here's what happened.

My mama really likes those people who help out in Kurdistan. She says they are super nice and give people little portable houses so they don't have to live outside. Who would want to do that? No one! Since they didn't have enough of those little portable houses to go around for all the people that were living outside, they said, "People should knit some hats for these outside people so they won't be so cold!" Can you believe it? A lot of really nice people knitted hats for the cold outside people and sent them right over! Wasn't that nice? In fact, my friend, Stella Hayden, told me that her mama knitted some of those hats, too. Miss Debbie is very nice like that. She's always doing something to help someone. 

My mama didn't knit any of those hats, but when she saw some pictures of those cold outside people in their knitted hats, and saw how happy they were, she wished she had. She said, "I would like to knit some hats for cold outside people, myself." I was very surprised about that, because I didn't even know my mama could knit. It turned out that my mama can knit, but she is much better at collecting up a bunch of knitting needles and yarn. 

Anyway, she asked Stella's mama about knitting a hat and Miss Debbie told her what kind of knitting needles she would need. My mama said, "No problem, I think I have some of those needles." This morning, she decided to look for her hat-making needles. First, she dragged a big box out from under the bed. You will not believe how much yarn was in that box, and my mama said I better not tell it either. Then, my mama started pulling out knitting bags. Can you believe this? My mama had five knitting bags! And two knitting baskets! It could have been more, but I don't know. I can only count to five. 

She pulled out so much thread and so many knitting needles, I thought she might be starting a store! I said, "Mama! What is this?" It turned out that my mama used to grab some yarn and some needles, throw them in a bag, and carry them with her when she went to livestock shows with my human boy Ryan. Sometimes she finished her project, and sometimes she didn't. Always, she thought she would get back to it, but I'm kinda doubting that she ever did, since she had so very many projects going in those bags. 

I was shocked. I thought my mama always finished what she started, but apparently not. She looked at all those projects that were barely started and said, "I don't even know what I am making here. I am unraveling all this and starting over!" I am not going to tell you how long that took, but it was a while! She looked at some soft pink thread and said, "I was going to make an afghan out of this. It would probably go quick." When she started looking for the needles to make that afghan, I said, "Mama, what about Ryan's scarf you're knitting?" "Oh, yeah," she said. "I'm going to finish that scarf first, and then I'm going to knit an afghan." "Mama, what about the hats?" She laughed and laughed. "You know, Maggie. I was looking for needles to make hats when I got into all this mess! You are right. I am finishing my scarf and then I'm making hats. I might make an afghan after that." 

To tell you the truth, I am not optimistic about that afghan, and I'm not all that optimistic about those hats, but if my mama ever gets going with all that thread, there won't be a cold head in Kurdistan! 

Now you may be wondering what in the world my mama's knitting bags have to do with you and your life. That's why I give the Wonder Dog Lesson of the Day. It has to be short because I'm a dog, and because people don't always listen if it's long. (My mama said people might not think that is nice, but it's the truth. I was also going to tell you that buying yarn and needles is not the same thing as knitting, but Mama said you already knew that.)

Wonder Dog Lesson of the Day:
1. Finish what you start. That's what God does, and we should, too. (Philippians 1:6)

That's it. There's no need to buy more stuff if you haven't finished what you have already started, so just finish what you start. And make hats for the cold outside people. They need them!

The end. 
By Maggie the Wonder Dog Hollis