Friday, April 24, 2015

Blood for Blood (A snippet from a work in progress) by Leanna Lindsey Hollis MD

(This is a snippet, a teaser, from one of my works in progress. Hope you enjoy!)

They were where they weren’t. 
The abandoned building was just that. Abandoned. 
Or so it seemed. 

In the game of terror, creating fear and uncertainty was everything, and Farzeen Nouri was a master. He had studied the infidels and their outrageous beliefs until he could use those beliefs against them with ease. This time, they would fear that the BEAST had come forth. Six suicide bombers in each of three United States cities. 6-6-6. They would be frightened out of their minds! Six suicide bombers in each of three European cities. 6-6-6 again. The Christian zealots would call the second round of bombers a confirmation that the BEAST had come, and the world would bow down to him. 

His plan was perfect. He had considered every possible difficulty, every possible complication, and had contingency plans in place for them all. He had considered every possibility except the one thing that was of no consequence because it was, of course, impossible.

Farzeen had come to this tropical paradise from Iran with instructions from Amin Majidi, head of the International Brotherhood of Jihad, to establish a base of operations in the Americas. Shortly after his arrival in Bilswascarma, situated near the border in northern Nicaragua, Nouri had converted a long-abandoned mission hospital into to a training center for terror. Majidi would coordinate the European part of the upcoming project, but Farzeen was in charge of the US portion. He was determined to be successful. Unlike the Americans he targeted, Farzeen Nouri measured his success by the number of dead, maimed, and terrified.