Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Grateful Heart: Mizpah


I was reading about the parting of Jacob and his uncle Laban today and found an interesting word. The two men had a rocky relationship, as you may remember. Laban tricked and cheated Jacob repeatedly. Jacob was no stranger to trickery and cheating, as he had tricked and cheated his own brother and father. 

At last, the two men parted and Jacob headed back to his family. At the parting, they made a covenant and set up a memorial stone, which they named Mizpah. This is a Hebrew word meaning watchtower. 

Jacob and Laban's Mizpah was a rock of remembrance, a reminder that the Lord watched between them both while they were absent from one another.

A mizpah is a watchtower, or a "lofty place" from which you can see far and wide. It's the place where a lookout stands to watch for trouble, and it describes the careful watch of our Lord. 

He can see everything. He misses nothing.  

This principle is the reason I could bear my son going five hours away for college. It's the reason I could bear him traveling with 4H most of one summer when he was in high school. It's the reason I can be away from my family, all of whom live at least 90 miles from me. God not only watches over me, He also watches over those I love who are far from me. 

I can trust Him to care for the ones I love with the same tender love He lavishes on me.

No matter how far away our loved ones are, no matter the circumstances in which they find themselves, we can count on the mizpah of God. He knows. He sees. He cares. 

For today, join me in giving thanks for the tender watch care of God between us and those we love. 

It's a wonderful truth. He is here, no matter where "here" may be. 

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