Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Service Engine Soon Light

Friday is my day to open and close the park in our little town. This past Friday evening, I jumped in my car and drove to the park. When I started the ignition, there were no warning lights on. I drove to the park, stopped, and got out to lock the gate. When I started the ignition again, a warning light flicked on. "Service engine soon," it said.

It was the Christmas weekend, so there was no way to "service engine soon." I parked the car and drove my old farm truck instead. Today, my mechanic will check the computer to see what kind of service my engine needs.

The red light suggests trouble is brewing in my engine, but catastrophe can be avoided. If I'm willing to heed the warning.

Therein lies the problem, doesn't it? It's easy to ignore a warning light for a few days that turn into a few weeks and finally results in a major motor problem. I firmly believe in that possibility, so I have warning lights checked.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had the same kind of warning lights for our soul? Imagine a flashing light that says, "Trouble ahead. Better rethink this decision." 

We don't, of course, have a flashing light, but, as disciples of Christ, we do have a warning system. It's called the Holy Spirit, and one of His jobs is to "convict the world concerning sin". (John 16:8)

During the last few hours with His disciples, Jesus comforted them with the promise that they would not be left alone. He would send a Helper to convict them, remind them of His words, and guide them into the Truth. We have that same Helper to convict, remind, and guide.

His warnings, spoken with a Still, Small Voice are a little like the warning light in my car. 

His whispers are a quiet direction to take note, reassess, make a course correction before we go too far. If we are willing to be still, listen, and heed his warning.

It's being still to listen that trips us up, isn't it? 

The words of a song from my childhood come to mind. "Speak to my heart, Lord Jesus. Speak that my soul may hear. Speak to my heart, Lord Jesus. Calm every doubt and fear." (B.B. McKinney)

If we will be still enough to listen, He will speak where we can hear. 

When He does, He will do more than calm our doubts and fears, He will convict us, guide us into truth, and help us make the right decisions. Every time. 

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