Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Is Longer Life Worth the Cost of Obedience?

This is the fourth in a four-part series written to answer the questions, "Does God know when I will die?" and "Can the number of days I have be changed?" (If you've missed one of the posts in this series, the links will be at the end of this article.)

Because God is both omnipresent and omniscient, He is everywhere and knows everything. He knows when we are born and when we die. His Word makes it clear that our choices can affect the number of days we are allotted, with sin cutting short our days and loving obedience bringing additional days.

Obedience to the commands of God is hard in the self-centered culture in which we live. 

Self-sacrifice is all too rare, and living simply is denigrated. We want more, not less.

Life in Christ, however, is not about us. It's about honoring and serving the Lord, Jesus Christ. 

The life of a disciple is often in direct opposition to the life of the world around us. It sets us apart. Makes us different. Sometimes, it makes us a target.

Our life in Christ will not, primarily, be spent on this earth. This is merely the anteroom to heaven, where we will live for all eternity. 

When we encounter difficulties, there's a tendency to panic, and imagine that the trouble will be unending. It's easy to forget that troubles in this world, are by definition, time-limited. 

Whatever difficulty we face here is temporary, a blink of the eye in comparison to our eternal life.

Is longer life worth the cost of obedience? Is following Christ worth any difficulty that might come as a result? Is it worth standing firm under persecution?

Following Christ may be unpopular, but it's worth it.

Being a disciple of Christ is not about following a list of rules. By definition, disciples have a relationship as a pupil with the teacher they follow. If we are disciples of Jesus, we have a personal relationship with Him, through which He teaches us to be more like Him. We speak with Him and we listen when He speaks with us. 

This is so important, that it bears repeating: If we follow Jesus, we have a relationship with Him. 

Our Master is trustworthy. We can count on Him. He never leaves us alone, never fails us. The sweetness of that relationship alone, regardless of extra days on earth, makes anything we face worth it for the joy of honoring Him. 

Do you know the sweetness of serving Christ? The reality of a relationship with the Most High God? If not, simply turn to Him in abandon and allow Him to cleanse your sin and transform your life. 

Following Jesus, in this world and the next. Nothing else is worth as much.
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