Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Holy Week Day 3: Instant Obedience

There were two people who had a significant impact on Jesus' last week, but Scripture doesn't tell us their names. I call them the Unnamed Obeyers. What's important about them is not their names. It's their instant obedience.

We don't know if they were believers or not, but I think they might have been, because, when the disciples said, "The Lord has need," the Unnamed Obeyers said, "Yes. I'll be glad to help." (Leanna Paraphrase)

Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem would not have fulfilled prophecy without the never-ridden donkey. Jesus' last Passover meal with the disciples would not have been the same without the upper room. 

When Jesus approached Mount Olivet, he sent two disciples to the opposite village to find the colt. They were to untie it and bring it to Jesus for His triumphal entry. If anyone asked why they were untying it, they were to say, "The Lord has need of it." 

I am always surprised by what happened. The disciples found the colt, untied it, and someone asked them why. They said just what Jesus said to say. "The Lord has need of it." 

The owner of the donkey colt responded instantly. "Okay. Go right ahead." (my words) He didn't complain or tell them no. He just let them take his young colt for the Lord.

It was the same with the Upper Room. The disciples asked Jesus where they were to prepare the meal. "Go into Jerusalem and look for a man carrying a pitcher of water. Follow him to the house and tell the owner, the Teacher says, 'Where is the guest room in which I may eat the Passover with My disciples?'" 

This surprises me, too. Peter and John went into the city, found the man with the pitcher, and followed him. They told  the owner what Jesus said, and the man led the way to a large, furnished upper room. It  was perfect for their feast.

In both instances, as soon as the Unnamed Obeyers heard the need of the Lord, they responded with instant, willing obedience. They didn't argue. They didn't count the cost. They recognized the request was from the Lord and they obeyed. Instantly.

I wish I obeyed as readily. 

The disciples said exactly what Jesus said to say and nothing more. I'd have wanted to embellish the story, but they didn't. Jesus' words were enough. They obeyed him exactly.

The Unnamed Obeyers didn't argue or complain. They simply said, "Yes, Lord." 

I don't always obey as quickly. Once I know for sure what God requires, I'm happy to do it, but being sure isn't always instant for me.

The Unnamed Obeyers had one chance to provide the colt, one chance to provide the Upper Room. Delay might have given the opportunity to serve, and the blessing, to someone else. 

We don't know the Unnamed Obeyers, but their acts of willing obedience are still remembered more than 2000 years later. 

I'd like to have that kind of obedience, wouldn't you? 

When the Still, Small Voice whispers to us, let's obey without delay. When our Lord calls, let's respond instantly with, "Yes, Lord." 

Whether unnamed or not, I want to be remembered as an Obeyer. Don't you?
*** Be sure to check the updated Prayer List. I have added Brussels to our list. 31 dead. 187 wounded. Airport closed. 200 flights cancelled.
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