Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Bible Study Starting Soon

Don't miss the upcoming Bible study on the book of Hosea. We've had a great response so far, and registration is still open. 

The lessons will not be posted on this blog. There will separate links for them.

 This is a self-paced 14-week study that begins May 1. I will post one week at a time, doing one chapter a week, and you can work through the lessons at your leisure. 

The goal is to learn to dig deep for ourselves. 

I'm studying Hosea and writing the way I study as I go, including the questions I ask, the things I look up to clarify my questions, and they way I pull it all together. (including the links I use) I hope we will be able to pull Scripture together in a deeper way so that we understand both the book of Hosea, how it ties in with the rest of the Bible, with history, and with our times today. 

Everyone is welcome. 

We will have group work, but you don't have to participate in group work to do the study. Message me or leave a comment to sign up. (We need an idea of numbers to arrange for help with the groups.) 

How to leave a comment: If you are using mobile view (on your phone) go to the bottom of the blog, click on "web version" and scroll to the bottom again. You'll see a place for comments. Post your comment or sign up there. Thank you. (You can also message me on FB/twitter/instagram)

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