Monday, June 6, 2016

The Happy Puppy and Loving Everyone

I love this picture of Mamie. I call it the "laughing puppy" picture. She's considerably older now, but her happy face is still the same. She loves life and everyone and everything in it. 

Mamie never meets a stranger and rarely meets someone she doesn't like. She has an innate ability to discern the one who needs her brand of Mamie-love the most. If you have a burden on your heart, Mamie will somehow know. If you sit down, she'll jump in your lap, give you a few puppy kisses, and snuggle in close. 

I've watched her do that many times. The comfort she gives always surprises me, and I've wondered how she recognized something I didn't.

I think her skill might come from her basic attitude. There's something good in everyone, and Mamie sees it. There's something to love in everyone, and Mamie loves them. 

It's the way we, as followers of Christ, should be. Looking for good. Loving all. Drawing people to Christ because of the light in us.

I'm not as nice as Mamie, and certainly not as good as Jesus, but I wish I were. I've seen some "not so good", and it's made me cautious. Perhaps overly so. Maybe you have that problem, too.

Today, let's try to respond to those around us like Mamie does. With open hearts and happy expectation. Let's do what Jesus would do. Love. Help. Reach out.

This world is a dark and lonely place for many people. They're desperate for someone to love them, to introduce them to Jesus, the One who loves them most. We can be that one. If we will.

Look around for the most unhappy person you know and share some of your joy with them. Look for the most unloved person and share some of your love. Look for the most needy person and share some of your riches.

Be Jesus with skin on today.

"So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets." Matthew 7:12 esv
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