Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Typos, Miscommunication, and the Doc that was a Dog:

Sam met me at the mailbox as I returned home yesterday. "I've got bad news for you. My dog has started killing your chickens."

"Are you sure? How did that happen?"

"He followed me over to the barn, saw the chickens, and took out running."

"Are you sure? Did you see him with a chicken?"

"No, but I bet he killed one."

"Did you see a dead chicken?"

"No, but I thought he was probably gonna kill one."

I didn't think we should credit the dog with the kill unless we were missing chickens, but Sam was worried. All the chickens were out, so Sam went to the barn and closed the door to the chicken house. I was a few minutes behind him, on my way to fill the feeder and put out fresh water.

"Sam, did you close the door to the chicken house?"

"Yeah. I didn't want the dog to get any more chickens."

"But the chickens are outside. They aren't in the chicken house."

"Them roosters was in there."

I didn't argue. I just sighed, opened the door to the chicken house, and waited for the chickens to go back inside. At dusk, I went back to the barn. I don't know what happened to them for sure, but two chickens were missing.

I texted Ryan (my son). "Looks like Sam's dog killed two of my chickens."

A little while later, Ryan replied. "His doctor killed a chicken? That is so crazy!" He waited a few seconds and replied again. "Is that true?"

Ryan's reply shocked me until I realized that there was a little typo in my text. I thought I had written "dog" but I had typed "doc". I laughed out loud.

Communication is a beautiful experience, until it's confused by miscommunication. One little c in the place of a g made a vast difference in what I meant to say.

In a world that's filled with confusion and misunderstanding, there's one place where clarity and understanding are still available. God's word. Truth, love, and grace reside in the pages of our Bibles. If we want to know what God says, we need look no further than Scripture. 

Today, let's take our questions to the One who has answers. Clear, sensible answers. Let's open our Bibles and study to understand what God wants us to know.

"Thy Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path." Psalm 119:105 esv
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