Tuesday, January 17, 2017

James: Crucibles That Keep Coming

As you probably know, a crucible is a vessel designed to withstand high temperatures. It's used for refining precious metals like silver and gold. The metal is placed in the crucible, then heated to the point of liquefaction. All the dross rises to the top and is burned off, or removed.

That's what the crucible times of our lives are designed to do. Difficulties combine to produce positive change in us. 

I've had a few crucible times. I always emerged a better person than I was, but I've never emerged flawless and perfect in all my ways. 

The point of the crucible, however, is to get all the dross out. If you want pure gold, you continue the crucible-treatment until purity is achieved. 

This morning, I pondered the fact that I've had quite a few crucible times over the years, and I realized a hard truth. I've needed more than one dose of "crucible" because there's so much dross to remove. 

24K purity has not been achieved yet, so I can look forward to more time in the crucible.

That brings me to another hard truth. If I allowed God to remove my sin and purify my heart at the beginning, I wouldn't need so many trips through the crucible. If I abandoned my sin, He wouldn't have to burn it out of me.

I'm beginning to understand King David's plea, "Create in me a clean heart, O God..." 

Today, let's ask God to help us let go of the sin that mars our purify. The attitudes that don't reflect Him. The desires for the world instead of the things above. Let's ask Him to help us put them down, rather than burn them out. 

Let's ask for clean hearts.

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me," Psalm 51:10 esv
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