Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Mission Adventure: Taste and See that the Lord is Good

The Taste and See Challenge is a new project offered by the prayer ministry at Global Outreach. It's a six-week challenge that partners missionaries with small groups for intense prayer. The premise is that more frequent updates will lead to more frequent, more intense prayer, and more exciting answers to prayer. 

God will move more often if we pray more often.

The missionaries were asked to commit to weekly prayer and praise updates. The small groups were asked to pray in depth and daily.

I also asked the missionaries to copy me on their emails to their partners and the Taste and See Coordinator, Tracy Park, so I could know what God does in this new kind of prayer partnership.

Taste and See started Sunday, 2/26/17. Only two days have passed. I wouldn't dream of giving an update in such a short period but three major miracles seem like a beautiful beginning. 

We have to testify to our God's goodness.

One missionary family's small group couldn't wait to get started. When they heard of the needs, they started praying Thursday night. One of the issues for which they were praying was a broken generator. If you've spent time in the field, you know that a broken generator means no electricity.

The missionaries had been told that they would need to carry the generator to the repairman and it would likely cost more than $1700. It was money they didn't have. 

Their small group prayed. I know this small group. These women don't fool around. When they say they will pray, they mean it.

By Saturday, the missionary reported that their generator was fixed. Their car mechanic had stopped by, offered to take a look, and fixed it on the spot for $120. 

If I was without a generator, I would view that as a miraculous answer to prayer. We all did.

One missionary couple asked us to pray for their friend who is visiting them in the field. She had never met Jesus, so their Taste and See small group prayed diligently for her to accept Christ. And she did! 

From lost to found in no time.

As one who was lost and found, transformed by the grace of God, I know for certain what kind of miracle is required for the redemption of a lost soul. 

It's huge. Only God can do it, and He did.

I had the blessing of introducing a small group of college-aged students to the project and their missionary family. I talked to them about the miracle of grace that happens when a soul is saved by surrendering to Jesus. 

Later that morning, during worship time, one of those students gave her heart to Christ. 

I was only in the room for about five minutes. I didn't introduce that young girl to Jesus, but I wish I had. Her Sunday School teachers, her family, and her pastor were involved in the preparation phase. The power of God moved in her heart and drew her to Himself. 

These are just the things I know about. 

Six missionary families. Six small groups. One Great and Awesome God. 

When we humble ourselves, turn from our sin, and pray, God responds. 

That's what I'm hoping for my trip to the Middle East. I'm leaving in a few hours. I'll arrive on the field Wednesday night. I hope you'll serve as my own small group prayer coverage. One giant small group praying for God to move in mighty ways.

Here's the list for the next few days:

1) My health. I had an unexpectedly high blood pressure at a doctor's visit for an unrelated issue on Friday. It's down with new medication, but I need it to stay under control. Also, I'm severely intolerant of wheat, so I need to be able to find food that is wheat-free with no contamination. That's often quite a challenge. 

2) My heart. Pray I'll have an humble, gentle heart that's full of love for our great God and for His people. I'll be in a culture that's new to me, in a country that's new to me, with a language I don't know. There's plenty of room to get my eyes off God and on myself, but that's counterproductive. Pray my eyes stay fixed on Christ.

3) My prayers. I'll be doing prayer ministry. First, prayer walking, then manning a prayer room during a world mission retreat. I need to hear the needs clearly and what God whispers clearly so that I can pray effectively.

4) My mission. It's not about me. I'll be gathering stories from the remnant and documenting them. Encouraging them. Praying for them. This is an outward focused trip, so I need to be outward focused, too. There is more to do than can possibly be done. But God... Pray that I will work diligently, efficiently, and tirelessly to do all that God has planned. Prayer ministry is hard work. Three weeks is a long time. 

5) Travel. Please pray for smooth connections. Smooth trip through customs. Easy visa process. 

6) Taste and See Challenge. It's my favorite project ever, but God has orchestrated it so that my hands are off it completely. It's not Leanna's project. It's God's. Tracy Park will have the joy of coordinating, so pray for her as she makes connections, reminds missionaries about updates, and prays her way through. There will be roadblocks. 

It's evident to us all that the small groups praying for the needs of the missionaries are a vital part of the answers we've received so far. 

In that same way, when you partner as my small group prayer coverage for this mission trip, you become a vital part of the answers we receive, of the work I do. 

As I've said before, I'm not praying for a little blessing. I'm praying that God will rekindle a fire of faith in the church that spreads throughout the world. 

Worldwide revival. It starts with us. Let's let the revival begin. 

"O taste and see that the Lord is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!" Psalm 34:8 nasb

Thanks in advance for your prayers. It's the most important part of this mission. I can't wait to see what God does with this beautiful, enormous partnership. 
Much love, 
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