Monday, April 17, 2017

After Easter: What Comes Next?

Mary, Peter, and John raced back from the tomb with the news that it was empty. They were incredulous, ecstatic, astounded. Their enthusiasm could not be contained. 

As they were sharing the news with everyone who would listen, the chief priests and the elders were concocting the story that the disciples had stolen the body. 

Both stories raced through the city. People believed what they wanted to believe, as people always do.

What they believed (or didn't) couldn't change the truth. The Messiah was risen and alive. 

We've heard it so many times that it's lost some of its luster, but imagine for a moment that someone you dearly love has died an agonizing death. After the funeral, you go to put flowers on the grave. You find that the grave is not only open, but your loved one is walking around, alive and well.

How incredible would that be?

That's how it was for the disciples. The most unbelievable thing had happened, and they couldn't stop talking about it. 

The tomb was empty. Jesus was alive. He still is.

Those facts change everything and we should be just as excited about our living Lord as they were that first blessed Resurrection morning. It should change our speech, our priorities, our focus in life.

When we have a living Lord, nothing else matters, or it shouldn't. Every day should be a celebration of worship and love.

But is it?

Will we leave the joy of resurrection behind with the Easter baskets and the flower crosses? Will our enthusiasm fade as the chocolate is consumed?

Today, let's focus on the empty tomb in a new way, and let the joy of His resurrection flood us, change us, consume us.

Let's live as those who have not just been redeemed but who have an ever-living, ever-loving, ever-present Savior who is with us to the end.

"And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age..." 
                                  Matthew 28:20 nasb
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