Saturday, April 1, 2017

When A Little Child Leads the Way

"There's a little boy out front who wants to meet a real missionary. Will you come talk to him?"

Ryan had just turned seven years old. As he's done before, instead of birthday presents, he had asked the guests at his birthday party to donate money to help a missionary in the field. 

He and his family are acquainted with former missionaries to Mexico. They'd heard the stories of missionaries with an urgent need for a specific amount and the surprise arrival of a miraculous gift from someone who provided the exact amount. 

Ryan wants to be the one who provides the miraculous gift for which the missionaries are praying.

He and his family love being a part of the work of God.

Ryan gathered his birthday money and brought it to the Global Outreach office to donate. Marla, his family told me, always decides which missionary needs it most. 

Ryan wanted his gift to go to the missionary who needs the exact amount of his birthday money.

One day, he hopes to be a missionary, too.

Since I'd already set up for the brunch today, I invited him to the conference room to see pictures, find Jordan on the big map, and hear a few stories. We sat and talked about things God had done on my recent trip.  He marveled in the way only a child can do.

I was stunned by his depth of Biblical knowledge and understanding of the Scripture he'd learned. His questions revealed a level of insight seen in few adults. 

This is a child who will be able to do many things. What's he's chosen to do, at his young age, is serve Christ with his life. 

Ryan's an example of discipleship to us all. He's made following Jesus and generosity his priorities and everything else in his life revolves around that. Exactly as it should. 

Today, let's learn from the heart of a child, who understands that the "stuff" of birthday presents pales in importance beside the opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God.  

"But Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me.Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children." 
Matthew 19:14 nlt
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*** I'm sharing about my Jordan Journey at a brunch today (Saturday, April 1). It's interactive with multiple "stations" to check out. We'll sample Jordanian food and hear stories from my trip. Today at 10:30-12 at Global Outreach home office, 74 Kings Highway, Pontotoc MS. You're all invited. Comment or message me if you'd like to come.***

If God has called you to help with this ministry of digital and in-person outreach (both in the US and around the world), here's the link to give your tax-deductible donations: Global Outreach Acct 4841 or you can mail your check or money order to:
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