Monday, June 26, 2017

When the Blood Gift is Too Precious to Be Treated Casually

When I saw the photo of blood donation tubing connected to my son's arm, his blood racing into the bag, I was shocked. 

His life blood was flowing out, and every single drop of it was valuable to me. 

I remember thinking, "Who's getting my baby's blood?" I'll be honest here. I couldn't imagine anyone I'd want to have his precious blood, for fear they'd squander the gift. 

Several days ago, a friend on FB posted that he was "dropping off a few red blood cells..." He has O negative blood type, which is particularly precious because it's the least common. 

As a former ER doctor, I was reminded that, over the July 4th holiday, there would likely be someone whose life depended on the unit of blood he had given. 

I could see it in my mind's eye. Hospital staff will process, type, and hang the blood. Family members will watch the life-saving flow drip into their loved one's arm. Rarely will anyone remember that someone took the time to donate, in advance, so that a life could be preserved. 

"We're far too casual about blood gifts..." I told my friend. Suddenly, my mind's eye was riveted on the image of Jesus on the cross, His precious blood spilling from hands, feet, and side. 

We're far too casual about Jesus' blood gift, too.

I wonder how God felt when He saw that holy blood being spilled for us. Did He fear we'd squander the gift? No. He knew we'd squander it. God knew we'd grow callous about the blood, casual about the blood gift. He gave it anyway.

One unit of human blood can "save" three lives. The blood of Jesus can save all lives. Every single one. His blood does more than improve our oxygen-carrying capacity and transport desperately needed nutrients to the brain and other vital organs. The blood of Jesus cleanses us, washes away our sin, satisfies our sin-debt. 

His blood sets us free, yet we treat it casually, as if we were somehow entitled to it. We, who sin as if we can't get enough, deserve nothing but death and hell. Still, the blood gift stands ready to wash it all away. 

You have to sign a consent to get a unit of blood. It outlines the risks and benefits of the transfusion. I've often wondered if we should sign a consent form  for the blood of Jesus so we'd understand, in clear terms, how precious it is and how much is required.

Transfusion consent: Benefits: Sin payment completed. Risks: Discipleship required.

The blood of Jesus is the most precious gift of all. It wasn't given lightly, and it shouldn't be accepted lightly, either. It should inform every decision, color every action, influence every thought. We should be different because of His blood. 

Instead of treating it casually, let's live up to the gift of Christ's blood. Live as if it matters, because it does. 

"He is so rich in kindness and grace that He purchased our freedom with the blood of His Son and forgave our sins. Ephesians 1:7 nlt
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