Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Caregiver Chronicles: The Body of Christ at Work

I ordered this model to teach kids about how beautifully our bodies are designed. Our hand is an intricate symphony of bones, vessels, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. The design allows us to feel, touch, take, give - to do all the things hands do. 

Today, I'm using the photo to represent the body of Christ. Every part is vital. Every one plays an important role. When the body of Christ works together as Jesus intended, the world stands in awe.

That's what happened with those who were first called Christians. The believers in Antioch demonstrated love for God and love for neighbor in such stunning ways that those around them began to call them "little Christ" people. Those disciples acted so much like the Christ that outsiders could see a clear picture of Jesus in them.

Today, I'm sharing another little piece of the Caregiver Chronicles I seem to be writing. 

I arrived late to the office yesterday because Dale Ruth had come to the farm to fix my truck brakes. I walked in the door and Christian Putt greeted me with the warmest smile ever. She always does that, and, when she does, she's really saying, "Welcome home. We're glad you're here." And it is. And we are. Home. What a sweet place to be, and Christian, as usual, reminded me of that fact. 

Because I was late, I'd missed prayer time. I went in search of prayer cards so I could contact the missionaries we'd prayed for, but Maria Geno had them. "No. I'm emailing the missionaries today," she told me. She was adamant. I had more than enough going on. She'd do that.

Sharon Batley hugged me and offered me gluten-free banana bread. If you've never been gluten-free, you don't know how precious that bread was. It was a HUGE treat.

Allie Nokes had suggestions for how hospice might help and shared her considerable wisdom gained from her experience as a caregiver. She had her daughter bring things  from home she thought might be helpful.

Lyle Rainey had suggestions about my pig and shared some wisdom I desperately needed.

Adrian Green asked questions about my situation until he found a way he could help, then immediately volunteered.

Marla Nunnelee, Rose Rainey, Carolyn Roye, and Evelyn Wages had words of encouragement and love. 

Blake Wages helped me load my pickup with boxes of personal care packs for Calvary Baptist Church to use. (They leave today for a short-term mission trip with Beautiful Feet in Fort Worth so please pray for the people to whom they'll minister and those who will receive packs and the gospel.) 

Rory Tyer shared my joy over having a place for the packs to be used for Jesus so soon. His big smile matched the one in my heart.

When I arrived at Calvary, a church I dearly love, Jim Yates' sons enthusiastically unloaded the boxes in the blazing heat. Sweat beaded on their foreheads, but they never complained. Instead, they talked about how much they loved going on mission trips and sharing Christ. 

People messaged me, prayed for me, emailed me. It all touched my heart. It all helped.

I cried several times yesterday. This time, they were happy tears over the pure sweetness of the body of Christ. No one person did all the work, but everyone did something and, in the doing, they lifted my burden and carried it with me. That's what it means to "bear one another's burdens." We all join together to help with the load. No one person does all the work.

All of can do one small thing. Many small things will add up to a big blessing. 

Today, let's look for at least one small something we can do for someone who's going through a hard time. A word of encouragement. A suggestion from your experience with a similar situation. Weeping with those who weep. Rejoicing with those who rejoice. Hands on help. Wisdom where needed.

Body of Christ, we need each other more than we know. When we love the way Jesus intended, the world will stand in awe. It was that Antioch-style Christlikeness that turned the world right side up. If we do what they did, we could change the world again. So let's get started today. 

See a need and meet it. 

"Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2 esv

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