Monday, August 21, 2017

Thoughts on The Sun, The Moon, and Totality

The fascination with the solar eclipse has surprised me. I'm especially surprised by the stampede to get eclipse glasses, but I have to admit that I did include a pair on my grocery order last week. The box store was already out. 

After I saw a pair of what is passing for "protective eyewear," I thought it was just as well. I love seeing, and can't imagine trusting my eyes to cardboard and plastic. I'm not "watching" today's celestial event.

Please bear the preciousness of vision in mind when you go outside to watch the eclipse. 

I know the eclipse is big news, but I've had my hands full with Sam lately. I haven't spent much time with news outlets. This weekend, I saw an advertisement about "America's Eclipse," and laughed. Really, we don't "own" the eclipse and we can do nothing to control it or direct it. It may pass across our nation, but it's God's sun and God's moon, and it's His eclipse. He's is charge of directing it.

We'd do well to get our possessive pronouns correct. Just saying.

I have to confess I'm a little nervous about the eclipse. I've seen an eclipse before, but the eclipse that keeps coming to mind is the one that happened when Jesus was on the cross. 

One of the criminals mocked Jesus, ""Aren't you the Christ? Save yourself and us." The other one said, "Aren't you afraid of God? This man is innocent. Remember me, Jesus, when you come into your kingdom." And Jesus said, "Today, you'll be with me in Paradise."

Their conversation took place around noon that dreadful Friday, and "darkness fell across the whole land." It stayed dark for three hours, "the sun being obscured." Those words describe a total eclipse of the sun, just like what we're expecting today. (Luke 39-45)

It was an entirely new kind of totality. 

Sin was paid for in totality. 

Redemption was purchased in totality.

Death was conquered in totality.

God's love was demonstrated in totality.

When we focus on totality, we'd do well to let the sign of the sun and the moon point us to the totality of our Lord Jesus Christ. His love. His power. His mercy. His grace.

Today, God will direct another total eclipse of the sun. His powerful act will be visible across our nation. Whether you watch it or not, remember this: The total eclipse is, like all of nature, a sign that points straight to God. 

We'd do well to fall on our knees before Him in honor and worship of the one who holds the sun, moon, and stars in His loving hands. 

The sun and the moon will demonstrate the totality of God for all to see today. When we look up, let's focus our eyes on Him.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." Psalm 19:1
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