Saturday, October 21, 2017

When Your Prayers Need a Little Help From a Friend

A major part of my work here is to write a portion of the history of the church in Gilead. Stories of our past are important. They help us cherish our victories and learn from our mistakes. When we hear about the mighty works of God, it encourages our faith, and helps to rekindle the flame of our devotion. 

I've collected stories from countless people, but memories made forty or more years ago are not as crisp and vivid as those made yesterday. Childhood reminiscences don't always come with exact time, location, or day, month, and year. My timeline of events has been fluid, to say the least. 

The task of gathering enough accurate information to actually write the story seemed hopeless, and I was close to giving up. Yesterday, I asked a friend to pray that we could "find the facts to go with the stories."

The answer didn't come in the way I expected. A friend was home sick and at work on his computer. When I arrived for time with him and his family, he was still working. 

"Hey, I found something," he said. It was an article I needed. 

"How did you find that?" I asked. "What did you Google?" I was surprised to find he'd entered almost the same thing I had in the search engine, but come up with an entirely new set of hits. 

The "almost" had done the trick.

His daughter and I joined in the Google-fest. Pretty soon, we had links for more data than I've gathered in all my searches combined, and all of it accurate as to date and location. We also found a repository of actual files I can access when I get home. There's a treasure trove waiting in "Box #3." 

I have prayed about this project at length. I've whined and complained about my difficulty with information. I've despaired and wept. I've informed God I needed data and don't know where to get it. I've formed a plan to find the info I needed. I don't know if I've asked specifically for help with finding the information, but I think I have.

Does God know about Google? Yes, He does. Did He know about the information I hadn't yet found? Of course. 

No matter how small (or large) our need, nor how specific our search, God can, and will, respond when we cry out to Him. If we cry out to Him.

It was only when I asked the body of Christ to participate in seeking God's help that the answer finally came. 

Scripture is clear. We, the disciples of Christ, are not on this journey of faith alone. We are one body, and every part is important. The plan of Jesus Himself is that we'll be so unified that we'll work together in ways that astound the world around us. 

The astounding part doesn't come without the working together part, however. I'm learning that hard truth all over again. 

Last night, we studied Jesus' long-distance healing of the official's child. He didn't have to be present to heal the child. In that same way, we don't have to be physically present with others to pray together. 

Distance isn't a problem for our God. 

Do we have a need we don't know how to solve and for which our prayers aren't yet answered? Maybe what's needed is to invite the body of Christ into our situation and allow them to help us with our need. Let's pray together, even if we're separated by thousands of miles. 

The prayers of my friend made a bigger difference than I imagined, and your prayers can make a difference, too.  

"Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for it will be done for them by my Father in heaven." Matthew 18:19 niv
There are many stories I'd like to share with you about this amazing journey, but they can only be shared in person. I'll do another brunch (like last time) to allow an opportunity for story-sharing, but I'm also happy to share with groups of any size. Message me to schedule a time.
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