Saturday, September 28, 2013

Every Little Flower and Bird

An old song has been echoing in my head for weeks.  I'm not really sure how it made its way to the front of my brain. It was written by John Peterson and copyrighted in 1948, so it's been around a while.  Lately, I've been singing it all the time.  I had been wondering about this song, as well as several other old songs from a songbook my mother had when I was a child.  That book is long gone, but thanks to the wonders of Ebay, I was able to secure an old copy of the book recently.

The song in my head, "It Took a Miracle" was in there, and for the first time I read all three verses of the song.  It talks of how God's might and miracles are written in the sky.  The last verse especially captured my attention.

"And every little bird and flower are testimonies, too."

When I stepped onto the patio this morning to feed the boys (my two failed barn cats and an elderly dog), I noticed my begonias, Mexican petunias, and roses, and thought, "Every little flower is a testimony to God."  How about that?  My yard is full of God-stories!  What kind of God-story is in your yard?

                                           My Spring Azaleas (of course not in September)

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