Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kristen Goes to Jail

It was almost 12:30 and Kristen was waiting nervously in front of the reception desk at our office for the deputy who was coming to arrest her.  We were all standing around with her, and I guess most of us were like me... really glad it was Kristen who was heading to jail and not us.  She had worried about him coming to the office to get her in the cruiser with all the patients watching but, at that particular moment, the lobby was empty, with not a patient in sight.  

Kristen had agreed to be arrested as part of a Muscular Dystrophy Association fund raiser.  She was being locked up at the jail until her "bail" was raised.  Her goal was $800 and she had spent hours asking for donations over the last few weeks.  The envelope she held tight to her chest held more than $1000 and she was thrilled!  Really, we were all thrilled and proud of her fund raising prowess.  

The money raised helps pay for summer camp for children with muscular dystrophy.  $800 will pay for all camp fees and treatment while the child is there.  It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for children who miss out on many of the activities our children take for granted.  Soccer, football, basketball, horseback riding are common activities for most school-aged children, but not for children with muscular dystrophy.  Just walking at all is a victory for them.  

Not only do donations to MDA help with summer camp, it also goes toward treatment, research, and medications for those affected by the disease.  Devices to assist with walking are expensive and every dollar helps.  

Muscular dystrophy is a genetic disorder that causes progressive muscular weakness.  It can affect multiple body systems, but the skeletal muscles are almost always affected.  It can cause intellectual impairment and shortened lifespans.  Walking is very difficult and children with this disease may gradually lose any ability to walk they have gained.  What a tragic disease for a child to endure!  What a difficult future they can anticipate! 
You may be able to tell we have learned a lot about Muscular Dystrophy since Kristen volunteered for her jail term!  Oh, the time in jail... While Kristen was in jail, she had the opportunity to pick a child for summer camp.  (Remember, she had raised more than enough to sponsor a child for camp.)  Pictures of children in our area with muscular dystrophy were displayed, and Kristen was asked to pick a child for camp.  How agonizing it was to realize that, while she was blessing one child, others were being left behind.  When her jail term was up and she was about to be driven home (with a much-deserve limo ride), she looked at the display of photos.  Children were still waiting for sponsors.  

Children are still waiting for sponsors.  

If you are moved to help, you can go online at  http://mda.convio.net/site/TR/Lock-Up/44-477-MemphisDistrict?px=1926945&pg=personal&fr_id=7633           and make a donation.  The website will be up until midnight tonight.  

You know, Kristen was not the first one to accept arrest in order to benefit someone in need. There was One who saw our sin problem and willing offered Himself as a sacrifice for us. Kristen reminded me a lot of Him today.