Sunday, October 13, 2013

Late for Church but Right on Time

It was hours past bedtime when I finally fell into bed last night, exhausted after a long week.  "I forgot to set an alarm," I groaned, and pulled the covers up.  "Lord, please just wake me up when I need to get up," I prayed.  He knew what was scheduled, and what it would take to accomplish it.  Right on time, two hours later than expected, I awakened and started on the list of things to do.  Everything was accomplished, but my arrival at church was considerably later than usual.

Walking toward the door, a young family caught my eye.  Two cute little children were skipping and hopping merrily about, as the young mom and dad walked toward the building, chatting and laughing. They were relaxed and at ease.  The dad was dressed in his Sunday best with a nice suit and dress shirt. Glancing a second time, the dark "thing" dangling from his hand became obvious.  He was carrying his tie.  It appeared that he had brought his tie in his hand, expecting to finally put it on once he arrived. Maybe he had opted to bring it rather than get in a hurry to finish dressing.  The happy children and pleasant wife at his side were evidence that the tie was right where it needed to be.  

After my mad dash getting ready in Blue Springs, their happy, though late, arrival seemed a different thing entirely.  I had spent years prodding a pokey boy to hurry on Sundays.  It didn't look as if anyone had prodded a bit in that family.  The simple song from childhood, "I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord'," came to mind.  That little family looked like they were glad as they came to church.  

Maybe their gladness can be understood partly because the dad's tie was in his hand, instead of around his neck.  That might sound a little strange, but it was obvious he was not taking himself, nor his appearance, too seriously.  He was just enjoying his family on a beautiful Sunday morning as they headed to worship together.   I wish I'd been more like him when my boy was little.  Walking quickly toward the door, as they ambled at a leisurely pace, I realized that, even though I was late, one happy little family was right on time.